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Re: That does it

Yep - and as far as I know we are gonna be doing a fair amount of riding on some pretty kewl bikes.

We still on Sean?

Since everyone else has inveighed on politics on this thread here's my 2 cents worth. It almost doesn't matter who gets elected to be president anymore because the age of computerized gerrymandering of the House has resulted in members basically having a seat for life - a situation that invites neither compromise or collegeality. The Senate is better but not by much. As long as the HR and legislative branch, in general, is so dysfunctional we are gonna have an entrenched and divided govt.

I despise almost all politicians with equal vigor because I think that almost all of them are craven, shallow, nitwits who wouldn't know the concept of leadership if it bit them in the privvies. And that is preciesly what we are gonna continue to get for elected officials unless we start getting more participation in the process of electing them. Even though turnout for this election was relatively high it wasn't high enough.

I also despise the modern notion that anyone whi disagrees with you politically is either stupid or some sort of demon. Politics, when it works, is all about compromise and good politicians ought to know that the world is chock full of people who have ideas different from yours if they don't know a damn thing else.

I asked some of my international students to stand up in class today and discuss, with their american demographic colleagues who participated in voting at a disgraceful level of 17%, elections in their respective countries which are often either rigged, accompanied by violence and intimidation or both.

I voted for Kerry but just because I almost always vote against the incumbent. Now, as far as I'm concerned, the current administration gets to live with the consequences of their decisions of the past 4 years instead of someone else. We'll see how everyone thinks about things a few years from now when all of the bills come due. If Kerry had won I'm pretty sure that I'd have been voting agains him in 2008.

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