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2004 Yamaha STAR Days

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Gray Pony Tailed Brotherhood ?.

A couple of questions:

Does that hotel price include the AARP discount?

Are Star guys only dudes who can't afford Harleys?

Are Star guys in the GPTB?
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Re: If KPaul had been Smart

The other threads would be for KPail to brag about taking night school at farking UW and for his making fun of where he imagines other people went to school. I mean, if I were KPail, I'd be embarrassed about being cattier than a squad of simultaneously ragging cheerleaders. But I'm funny like that.
Re: Straight from the horses mouth

It's because the stupid British ****ed it all up after WWI. How's that? Good luck with your continuing War on Straw.
Re: Straight from the horses mouth

No, your little war on strawmen, where you set up jackass questions like "Or is because thay are all evil?"

Who said that? Anyone? Especially on this board? This idea that people 'round the world (especially Canadians) liked Americans fine before Bush is simply jackass.

Half the Canadians I've met in my natural life start in immediately about how America sucks and Canada is so much better. In America, bragging to total strangers about how great you are and how much they suck is rude. You obviously have no compunction about doing the same. Do you brag to Nigerians and Brazilians about how wonderful Canada is? What a distasteful, flag-waving hyperpatriotic xenophobe you must be.

I only hope that the more educated and erudite of your countrymen will convince you to learn about other peoples before you hate them out of blind, stupid fear.
Re: That does it

This is very, very sane. You should get off the global intarweb immediately.
What in the world are you talking about? Oh, those loud, rude motorcycles again. No place for that here.
1 - 6 of 246 Posts
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