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2004 Yamaha STAR Days

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Gray Pony Tailed Brotherhood ?.

A couple of questions:

Does that hotel price include the AARP discount?

Are Star guys only dudes who can't afford Harleys?

Are Star guys in the GPTB?
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so what is your motorcycle comment here?

I 'm not much of a fan of the v-star. or kpup
Re: Poor KP

Do you mean that maybe trotting out Al Sharpton and supporting the sucking of brains from full term infants doesn't connect with most Americans?

Amazing, isn't it, how that stupid guy in the White house has outmaneuvered the liberals at every turn?

Somebody's stupid, that's sure.
Re: Easy now.

KPail should be placed in a bull suit and sent to Spain for the bullfights. He just can't resist that red flag.
Re: Poor KP

i am more concerned with brains being sucked from full-term adults. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA... if it happened during a botched delivery, tho, john edwards might take the case as he is Unemployed.
Re: The Coolest Thing

"admitted war criminal lost" with 5 medals vs the "unadmittted deserter" with the big shot daddy. Boy you really know your politics longNazi
hate to rain on folks parade (and damn glad the freaking election is over), but be aware some of the best parts of the BRP were heavily damaged by the onslaught of hurricanes this year. Goods news is, some of the detours are almost as nice as the BRP. Mid week is the best time to ride, but be mindful that a speeding ticket is a Federal offense and one of the judges is a motorcyclist....our normal BS that works sometimes (in getting us out of traffic tickets) does not work with him, he knows better....don't ask how I know this....
241 - 246 of 246 Posts
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