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2004 Yamaha STAR Days

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Gray Pony Tailed Brotherhood ?.

A couple of questions:

Does that hotel price include the AARP discount?

Are Star guys only dudes who can't afford Harleys?

Are Star guys in the GPTB?
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Re: Actually

How soon we forget the late and unlamented Kalifornia mandated EVs.

It took more polluting fossil fuel to charge the things than you would produce simply driving around in a Civic or Swift.
Re: Actually

I don't want a law passed. But if the company is funding a candidate so he/she will not impose emission testing, electronic speed limiting, or the million other things, the candidate ssay sure that's great, could you guys please make good bikes for short people so my constituients quit *****ing to me about it.
Yeah, free doughnuts for all GPTB members wherever they see me. I didn't have a pimp Wing though. I couldn't see spending cash on chromed plastic.
Re: Actually

Democrats steal and election? Never! Here in Chicago it's "vote early and often", and I can tell you Chicago isn't Republican.
Re: GPTB Vote

Will you shut up?

Don't you realize that if we stop talking about all this election crap... It might just go away...

Oh I know.. I know... this is where someone will wax poetic about our sacred duty...


I can't think of a better way to cheapen the meaning of "duty" than by associating it with the terms and men involved in this election.
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Sure looks like beautiful riding.

Way to go, Fonz.
I don't recall seeing too many "Hotties" at other bike rallies. Pretty much the only "skinny" chicks you see at rallies, are over-tatooed, battling three or four personal "issues" and just finished a double shift at the titty bar. THere are exceptions, but they are few and far between. I tend to see "hotter" chicks at my local supermarket. -Sean
Politics, Governments, and Economics for Dummies and San DeeEggo grads.

[*]"Presidents can't wage war. Congress does."

-True but President's have staff that make up stories of WMD which overstate the case for war.

[*]"Companies outsource, not governments."

True but governments through tax policy can promote outsourcing

[*]"Most soldiers and reservists support the their role in Iraq. "

Traditionally early in a conflict that is true. As the conflict wages on that changes. Bush's support among miltary families has dropped 5 % since July

[*]Creating a whole new branch of homeland security and increasing already existing measures of homeland security costs money. (Unless car bombings and airplanes flown into buildings is something voters want).

Yes it cost money then why give the rich a tax cut

[*]Presidents inherit economies, they rarely have much affect on them one way or the other

Yes Bush inherited a budget surplus and record employment. Now due to his irresponsible tax cuts we have a large budget deficit. Millions have been added to the welfare roles and Millions more now are without health insurance"

More facts about W.

The Resume of George W Bush
(the early years)

A subsection of the George Bush Resume




AWOL in Alabama

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Well I happen to enjoy this article for what it is...people gathering to enjoy life with motorcycles in the mix. And yet KPaul you inevitability manage to [email protected]#k things up.
I take offence to that my brother is a waitress in a titty bar.

..c'mon. You know that you can't possibly have a good time on a cruiser. Riding with a group of friendly people at a reasonable pace through beautiful American countrysides is not fun at all. Then sitting and having ribs and beer while discussing each other's rides and admiring each other's bikes is also a major bummer. All those people were having a terrible time and they didn't even know it!

This from the expert who's never ridden them.
I'm an Independent...

... not an idealogue. I've voted Republican, Democrat, and even Libertarian based upon the individual candidates and their platforms. (I drew the line at Perot, so don't be getting any crazy ideas)

That having been said, Bush has presided over the most disasterous presidency in my lifetime. He's a sub-moronic anti-intellectual who'd need a brain transplant just to be a f*cking idiot. His blabbering puppet show on behalf of **** Cheney's defense industry chronies and the far right religous freaks is pathetic and embarassing.

Most importantly, before the Iraq war is over (if its ever over) he will ultimately be responsible for sending as many Americans to a needless death as Bin Laden.

He scares the living f*ck out of me, and the fact that otherwise intelligent folks that I like and respect don't see it scares the f*ck out of me even worse!

I have seen the real terrorist, and his name is George W. Bush

I'm EBass, and I approve this message
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Re: I'm an Independent...

You forgot to mention that over 100,000 Iraqies have died since we entered their country to ... uh... give them freedom?
Re: I'm an Independent...

We're not supposed to talk about that. Haven't you heard? According to Bush, only American's and stem cells have souls.
Re: I'm an Independent...

I guess you're not old enough to remember LBJ or Jimmy Carter.
Is that why you got permanently kicked out of Vons market?
Re: Politics, Governments, and Economics for Dummies and San DeeEggo grads.

9/11 hurt the economy not congress, not the president, not the tooth fairy. Americans stopped spending as much money, the economy slowed down, period. No candidate real or fictional can change that.

All your anti-bush proganda can be countered with Kerry's wishywashy record. They are both shyty choices, period.

President can claim anything they want, but they still have to convince congress, who you elected through popular vote. Tax policy aren't even a drop in the bucket to prevent outsourcing. American workers are just plain expensive to our third world neighbors. Kerry and no other Presidential candidate is even going to put a dent in it. Tax cut to the rich, hmmm, let me think, uh they have most of the money let try and get them to spend it and stimulate the economy. No President since FDR has had anything like 9/11 happen to them. Not just the economy everything came to a grinding halt for awhile and is very slowly picking back up. Just go back and look at the Dow Jones. No Presidential candidate could have done anything differently to change it. Clinton had a great economy to work with, through no fault of his own, Bush has a crappy one. Yes this war isn't helping and it isn't really about freeing Iraqis, please look at what goes on in China and other countries that we don't invade.

I don't support anyone, but I get tired of the regurgitated politcal propaganda that you and others spew forth. People getting all worked up on the one election where your vote really doesn't matter that much, if at all (I live in Indiana, my vote doesn't not count), the person elected can't and won't change much about the day to day operations of the country. If you want to see change be much more active in your local and state government and with your US senators and representatives.

I knew you would use exactly the arguements that you did. Absolutely no surprise or anything I haven't thought about. Just read one biased paper or another. Watch one 30 second sound bite on the news or another. Read one biased website or another. We have no idea, and neither does the media about what really happens or why leaders make the decisions they do so don't think these website you post links to are actually informing you or anyone else to anything than selling their agenda, however camoflauged it might be. Plus to be honest, the people elected to high offices usually aren't smart enough to figure out real solution to problem and are so entangled with campaign promises and backroom deals they can't do what really needs to be done. American voters always want what is best for them or at least how they like and not what is best for the whole. And that my friend is the real reason things are the way they are.

Believing you vote or you candidate is going to change everything for the better, even in a small way is like thinking it was Santa Claus that put presents under the tree and not your hard working parernts who had to put that shiny new bike on lay-away for half the year just to see the expression on your face when you opened it.
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Re: Actually

I went to nerd central Purdue University. My roommates my Jr. year were all engineers and two of them were their class validictorians. They drank and partied plenty while maintaining their 3.9 and 4.0 GPA's. So don't give me this UW college students are the cream of the crop all serious dedicated to the greater good crap. You've got blinders on if that is what you're seeing!
Re: I'm an Independent...

I agree Bush is obviously not the brightest. He generally a crappy leader. The war is a joke with a body bag and billions of dollars punchline. But, if congress didn't approve funding we wouldn't still be over there. All over our representatives and senators have to take all the same blame. One man didn't do and isn't continuing all of this alone. It is called checks and balances.
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