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2004 Yamaha STAR Days

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Gray Pony Tailed Brotherhood ?.

A couple of questions:

Does that hotel price include the AARP discount?

Are Star guys only dudes who can't afford Harleys?

Are Star guys in the GPTB?
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Re: I'm an Independent...

Well said you guys. I was getting lonely there for awhile.
What facts?

So far all I see for you guys is the same old grumpy opinions. No facts and data
No, I was asked to leave, because I had a "wardrobe malfunction" I wasn't doing anything wrong in the produce section, honestly. -Dirty
Economics for idiots

The U.S. govenment regulates the economy by fiscal and monetary policy.

Fiscal policy

1. Taxes

2. Government expenditures

Monetary policy

1. Federal Reserve Open Marke operations buying and selling Tbills.

2. Federal Reserve Board reserve requirment for member banks.

3. Federal Reserve Board discount rate i.e interest rate given to member banks.

Yes sure you graduated from Prudue.

The economy is a natural being. It is a man made thing. It is the worlds largest open loop control system i.e. go look up what that means.

Clinton and the republican congress balanced the budget which led to properity.
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He Likes It!!!

Ok, so everyone knows I'm not much of a "custom cruiser" guy. But, I must admit that I really like THIS ONE. Of course flames aren't very original, but the paint itself is very nice and the entire bike has a well integrated wholesome goodness to it. Something about it makes me want to ride that Warrior. -Sean

The economy is not a natural being. Business cycles are caused by changes in government policy (monetary and fiscal)
If KPaul had been Smart...

It seems...hell, every MO news article in one form or another gets permeated by the KPolitical one himself. This is all fine and dandy if MO were a bloody political whorehouse. Now I'm going out on limb here and saying I admire his tenacity for his cause. I just wish he were a bit more savvy and submitted a MO article like, "If Bush, Cheney, Kerry and Edward's were motorcycles, what make and model would they be?" That way, at least there would motorcycles involved and his news article might garner the most MO posts in MO's history along with keeping it in one news article so those of us who come to MO could do so for the motorcycles and the political bantering would be left to this one news article, but nooooooooooo, KPolitical has to mix-n-match all over flip'n MO like bloody spam. What are they teaching KPolitical at UW?
Re: He Likes It!!!

I do too. It is very well executed and I appreciate anything done well.
Re: He Likes It!!!

Maybe it will inspire the Big Four to start cutting those ugly seams of their cruiser gas tanks.
Re: If KPaul had been Smart

The other threads would be for KPail to brag about taking night school at farking UW and for his making fun of where he imagines other people went to school. I mean, if I were KPail, I'd be embarrassed about being cattier than a squad of simultaneously ragging cheerleaders. But I'm funny like that.

"What are they teaching KPolitical at UW?"

They're teaching him to re-hash other people's opinions and crap he hears in the media. I got in a debate with him over Canadian History once; (months ago) I copied and pasted a couple lines from his retort into Google and a website came up with the same crap written verbatim. Then I punched in "war of 1812" (our topic of debate) into google and that very site was the first one listed. Try this next time you have it out with him. Then post the URL of where he plagiarized his "opinion" from. If he had to take the time to paraphrase all his ripped-off crap then he wouldn't have first post on every thread and instant elaborate counterpoints to every argument.
Re: Correction

When Clinton came in the economy was already booming creating lots of tax income. It's easy to balance and appear to be aN economic hero when you have a large income handed to you. Tax breaks only for the rich??? You better check again! I got a large tax break and I am no where near rich. Maybe the below 100K are now rich? This is all news to me. I'M RICH! I'M RICH!
Economics and History for really stupid people

The economy is controlled by monetary and fiscal policy. Also Clinton did not inherit a good economy from Bush Sr. Remember the pharse "It's the economy stupid" Clinton got elected cause the economy was bad.
Re: Economics for idiots

Wow look who is getting pissy. Aren't you the first to start whinning when other are making fun of you and calling you names.

You're right federal reserve and government, not a lone President, shmuck. You have a reading comprehension problem, I'm also a teacher so I recognize the signs, you don't fully read what people write, mis their main points and focus on one small detail that is usually irrelevant.

Do you really think that if government could control the economy and there was a set formula for success then we would never have economic down turns. You look things up and get all these statistics and totally miss common sense. This is a trait I have found in many engineers. (No disrespect the engineers out there, but kpaul seems to be an example of the type that can only see the little piece of the problem that they are assigned to work on).

Clinton had times of high consumer confidence and cut military spending hugely. That isn't great leadership, or ingenuity. He gets credit for a great economy but didn't real have anything to do with it. Presidents can sign bills or veto bills, thats it. Did you have government class in high school?

I don't have to look anything up. Your points aren't very insightful. You use big important sound words without looking the basics. This is big red flag for a fast talker who really doesn't know what they are talking about. You missed, totally, my main point in my first post:

-The President doesn't change much in the country.

-Propaganda makes getting facts impossible.

-Electorial college make the vast majority of our votes not count.

-The Presidential election is the least important election happening today(refer to my first point).

-The candidates suck, both of them, so getting worked up over either one is like arguing over whether it is better to drink a cup of your own ***** or a friends.

-This site is about motorcycles

Oh and a new one:

- you don't know more than anyone else on this site or have access to special information the rest of us don't. Quit passing off your views as facts. Acceleration of gravity =9.8 m/s^2 is a fact. Bush f*cking up the economy is a political view. Kind of like cruisers being better than sportbike is opinion.

P.S. I did go to Purdue. I have science degree. It gets me jobs. Purdue engineering, pharmacy, and veterinary schools are among the most respected in the world so say whatever you want about me, but you would have gotten weeded out from the start of freshman engineering. Look it up.
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Re: Actually

Are there such an overabundance of jackasses up there that take statistics how what percentages of students at each university drink beer and have sex!?!

Any university can post good grades, dumb down the curriculum.
Re: He Likes It!!!

I am with you on the gas tank seams. Never understood why they never get it.
Re: Economics for idiots

I guess it's your turn now. We just ignore him.

You're right, he won't read anything you post anyway but he can regurgitate talking points with the best of them!
Re: He Likes It!!!

Because it's way cheaper to make 'em with the seams. Also H-D still handpaints its pinstripes and the Big Four use decals.
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