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2004 ZX-10R

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When the MotoGP class started, I had a dream. A dream that one day soon the next big leap in motorcycle performance would be upon us. Well I think we're there. As the "Biggies" warm to the task (Honda supposedly coming out with a new 1000 as well) I believe the state of the motorcycle art will be quickly advanced relating to streetbikes. PS I volunteer to test-ride the 4 cylinder Ducati Monster when it comes out. First post?
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Re: french translation

What they're trying to say is

"We fart in your general direction, you tiny brained wipers of other peoples bottoms"

we get nice hypersports of great price while you get sluggish cruisers.
Re: History lesson?

I thought Buell ripped off Triumph when they put oil in the frame, lo these 30 years ago.
Re: connie II chain drive

I know that it isn't a big deal, I've put about 30K miles on chain driven bikes. And changed the gearing a couple of times. I'm just getting lazy. I don't see why they wouldn't keep the shaft drive though. Kwacker already has a chain drive hyper-tourer, and with the likes of the FJR and ST13 I would imagine it would be a shaftie like those two.
Re: History lesson?

Heck, they've all ripped off Ogg! He invented wheels first!
Re: Non-broken link.

Thanks man
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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