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2005 FJR 1300 Ordering & Info

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Very annoying

The first year, I could understand. Yamaha was "out on a limb" cost-wise. It has become quite old. I have debated getting a new FJR but never seem to get within the "window" that I am ALLOWED to request one. If you have to do the silly Pre-order thing. At least make it year- round. I could tolerate having a 90 day wait to pick up the bike. All the hoops will send me elsewhere
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You just don't get it.

Only Harley can be ragged on for producing limited edition bikes. Harley does it to screw the consumer because Harley is an Evil American Corporation(tm).

It's perfectly fine when Yamaha or Aprilia any foreign company puts out a limited edition bike. It's completely different. This is self-evident and requires no explanation. You apparenly just don't get it. These companies are not Evil American Corporations(tm) so any identical acts are actually totally different.

Yamaha is doing this because Americans are at fault. Yamaha is holy and pure of spirit and would never put the bottom line before its customers.

Oh, yes. One more thing. Obligatory Loony Link.

Betcha like my links better than Kook's.
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Pi$$ off.... old toff.

I was stuck here watching the snowfall and the dam ice dam in my dam driveway getting dam bigger every dam minute. Ever tried to reassemble a Honda Magna in an unheated garage when it's 22 dam degrees?

At least I've got rock-out public funded radio to lighten the load on Sat. Great 60's rock and no freakin' commercials.
Oh yeah?

I get to make up for it in the Spring/summer/fall with all those nice pleasant rides on all those nice sparsely trafficked mountain roads.

Not to mention that air is a gas here instead of a solid.

How do you avoid running into all those illegals immigrants that Bushie invited up there? The roads must be pretty crowded with all those old dented Chevy pickups wobbling down the road with the backs full watermelons or cages of chickens.
Guess what.

I already have a 22000 BTU kerosene heater. It maybe brings the temperature up to 30 degrees if I run it for 3-4 hours. It's just a bit hard to torque headbolts when the handle of the wrench makes your fingers numb. And then it's hard to thread on the 10mm nuts with snowmobile gloves on. And don't suggest I lay the parts on the heater please.

Boo hoo. Woe is me. Next weekend though.... it's down to central Utah and into the mountains on the ol' snow sleds. 4 day holiday weekend in the Manti LaSal mountains at our cabin. Yeeha!(Deanscream)
Mabel Stewart's Trailer Park Entertainment Tips

My Dad used to buy Texas Fifth's of cheap Gemco whiskey and pour it into a Seagram's VO bottle for his guests. Try that. Your friends will think you're a gracious host.
Clark will save the country...

... like he almost did in Kosovo when he ordered a British NATO unit to attack the Russians. Fortunately the British wisely refused, WWIII didn't start and Clark got quietly canned. After courageously bombing a few Serbian bridges crowded with civilians and wiping out a Serbian TV station.

Oh sheesh I've done it now. Here comes the linkmeister I betcha.
We've moved into the 19th Century!

We have brewpubs now! And you don't need to get a personal license from the State Liquor Control Commission any more!
Re: I'll tick you off even more!

They do in the Ozarks
What is meant by "type approved"? Does this mena that people have to get govt approval to produce new products now?
So you have even worse regulation than we do in the US? And the EU thinks it's going to be the next big world economic powerhouse? LOL!

Do you also need govt approval to make disposable diapers there?

I'm glad that they do such a good job of protecting you from yourself. Who knows what might happen otherwise? Someone in Europe might decide to build air-cooled V-Twins.

Then where would we be?
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