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2005 FJR 1300 Ordering & Info

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Very annoying

The first year, I could understand. Yamaha was "out on a limb" cost-wise. It has become quite old. I have debated getting a new FJR but never seem to get within the "window" that I am ALLOWED to request one. If you have to do the silly Pre-order thing. At least make it year- round. I could tolerate having a 90 day wait to pick up the bike. All the hoops will send me elsewhere
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Re: You just don't get it.

Oooooh, pretty. And even vaguely motorcycle related. :)

Well, to be fair, 'wings are considerably more open than any of the cars you mentioned. It would be more accurate to compare a 'wing to a somewhat minimalist touring roadster.

And, well, I'd have to say that the answer to why someone would choose the 2 wheeled version to the 4 is the fact that it can be more fun to take a bike instead of a car. I'll certainly agree that a 'wing is more plush than a 996, but it's still a lot closer to that than it is a Lincoln. Gets better gas mileage, too.

1 - 2 of 85 Posts
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