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FJR 1300 riders see each other on the road, they know they belong to an exclusive club

This is such a crock. What Yammie wants you to do is walk in with the $500 smacks, agree to pay full MSRP, and agree to wait! Fools!

Of course if 200,000 of us agreed to this deal, do you think they couldn't ramp up production and have 100% of the orders filled? You'd get your bike, but you might have to wait until they got their act together. But then, you agreed to wait, didn't you! And by the time you got it, it wouldn't be that exclusive a club, would it?

Hardley puts out a quarter mil per year, creating demand by making you wait just long enough for the lust to linger, but not fade. No over production, no discounts on bikes or accessories, fully financed deals, Hardly makes a Billion in annual profits, life is good...for Hardley.

Now really, does anyone think Yammie couldn't/wouldn't produce as many as they have orders for if you are willing to wait?? BS
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