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2005 FJR 1300 Ordering & Info

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Very annoying

The first year, I could understand. Yamaha was "out on a limb" cost-wise. It has become quite old. I have debated getting a new FJR but never seem to get within the "window" that I am ALLOWED to request one. If you have to do the silly Pre-order thing. At least make it year- round. I could tolerate having a 90 day wait to pick up the bike. All the hoops will send me elsewhere
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Re: Very annoying

But you get to be part of an "exclusive club"of FJR riders.

I agree with you, last year my re-finance didn't fall into place until after the ordering period, so I wasn't about to put money down in case things fell through. A buddy of mine did pre-order and his bike showed up with no saddle bags. It took a little while to straighten that out, but he eventualy got them and he loves the bike so it ended well.

I can see Yamaha's point in the first year of not knowing how well the bikes would sell, but now they have rave reviews and sell every one they make I think the pre-order deal is just hype. Just do like everyone else and give each dealer an allotment based on sales volume, keep a few in reserve and watch the sales climb.
Re: You just don't get it.

If only you used your powers for good instead of evil.........

I'll try to explain again for you, American corporations are capitalistic neo-fascist oppressors of the honest and hard working proletariat, whose sole purpose is to exploite the masses and ravage the natural resourses the state in it's mis-guided wisdom alloted them.

Japanese corporations are, on the other hand, wise and benificial stewards of the land who provide well made and usefull products for the enjoyment of the people, and for the betterment of mankind in general.
Most of my riding is within 400 miles of home and when I'm not commuting, nowhere near a freeway. I've been riding sportbikes for the last eighteen years and standards and choppers before that. Though I did own an FLH for a few years, the common thread in my bikes is they were little more than engines and wheels.

Sport tourers are perfect for me because they give sportbike performance and handling with just enough weather protection and luggage to let me ride all year and haul some stuff with me. To be honest if I lived in a warmer climate I wouldn't even bother with the fairing and just ride a sport-standard

Without being rude or flaming I could ask you the same question, if you're going to ride around on a Goldwing all the time why bother at all? if comfort and distance is your main criteria why not get a Lincoln LS or a Lex. To me a Goldwing or K1200LT is little more than a two-wheel car. With the FLH Ultra at least you can tell it's a motorcycle, but they're pushing it.

Bikes like this Yamaha or the Ducati, Triumph or Aprilia give near sportbike performance in a good all around package.
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Re: We know why you really ride a Wing.

I like the little chrome girlies that dangle under the trunk, if I could find them I'd put some on my Trophy
Re: To each, his or her own

Thats exactly how I feel, I ride what I like and respect your decision to ride what you like.
Re:neener neener

Hey Buz and Ser, I'm putting a dent in some 10 year old Irish single malt and listening to "traditional" Celtic strings while my girls cook me dinner

It don't get much better than this, boys.
Re: well sheesh..........

go to home depot and buy a space heater, then re-assemble the Magna in the kitchen while the garage is heating up

When Mrs.Seruzawa sees the bike in the kitchen she'll be so hot the ice in the driveway will melt by itself.
Re: I'll tick you off even more!

well hey, I went riding today already except it's dark, 36 and patchy fog. Doesn't sound quite as fun as your ride yesterday.

Somewhat bracing after last nights shin-dig. My oldest and her boyfriend showed up along with my stepson so we wound up tippin' a few ( I hid the Bushmills when them mooches showed up !)
Re: Now you did it...

Bush is a raving commie! Kerry is a Kennedy clone and Dean is a hyper toad with a comb-over. Only general Clark can save the country Bush deficit now stands at $ 489 billion and counting soon all jobs will go to afore mentioned immigrants and we'll be selling pencils on the street corner....( I'm not as good at this as He Who Can Not Be Named so bear with me)
Re: Guess what.

sounds like fun, More fun than I had

I was up in the mountains all last week farting around with a diesel fired boiler at a remote radar site.

Get up, drive to Seattle, pick up official company 4x4, drive all the way back and on up the pass, dis-assemble clean then re-assemble oil guns, control valves and pumps, light off boiler 4~5 times, call it good, drive back to Seattle, drop off official company 4x4, go home, get called about 9;30 and find out boiler tripped off again... repeat for 4 days. I think I'm going to call a contractor in !
Re: Clark will save the country...

I think he's watching cartoons on sunday mourning.
Re: We've moved into the 19th Century!

Do you get Shiner Bock in Utah? I drink that whenever I'm in Oklahoma visiting my wifes crew
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