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2005 FJR 1300 Ordering & Info

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Very annoying

The first year, I could understand. Yamaha was "out on a limb" cost-wise. It has become quite old. I have debated getting a new FJR but never seem to get within the "window" that I am ALLOWED to request one. If you have to do the silly Pre-order thing. At least make it year- round. I could tolerate having a 90 day wait to pick up the bike. All the hoops will send me elsewhere
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We know why you really ride a Wing.

It's to hook up lights! Lots of lights everywhere! More than an 18 wheeler.

Don't forget the Yosemite Sam mudflaps.
I'll tick you off even more!

I went riding! 68 and sunny. Two girls, two different bikes.

100 miles with girl #1 on Ducati in the morning.

100 miles with girl #2 on Harley in the afternoon.

The weather is the same today, I guess I'll have to go riding.
It's the casinos

San Diego's back-country has some of the best riding anywhere-until the Indian casinos sprung up.

Now our formerly deserted mountain roads are clogged with cagers out to blow their social security checks.

If I come to Utah to ride will you "sponsor" me so we can have a beer afterwards?
You forgot to change your handle

That's a KPaul comment.

Get back into therapy quick.
And don't you dare go puttin' on a tinted face shield! It's too dangerous!
1 - 5 of 85 Posts
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