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2005 Suzuki Product Line Expanding

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Yawn! Just what the world needs more cruisers albeit shaft drive.
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I'm really not a cruiser guy, but I really dig that M50. I don't know why, but it speaks to me, and I really want to ride one. Am I about to be converted? Nah. But I have a feeling my eyes may be opened a bit further.
"Resistence is futile" said Buzglyd. "Npateau, I am your father" said longride while on his Harley. It's a bad dream Nplateau wake up and ride some twisties.
People are paid to come up with THIS ?

Oh boy. More ways to buy a black cruiser that looks something like a Harley. If they are determined to go for that look, why not at least go for an extreme look, something like Exile ? Or design some nimble tourer to compete with the Triumph Sprint ? It's not like Suzuki doesn't have sportbike experience.
Some people just have to rain on someone else's parade.

Dudes, you're all kidding right? as if you've never heard of Suzuki's cruiser line before?

The "Boulevard" line of bikes isn't even CLIOSE to a new line for suzuki. These bikes are all rebadged and slightly modified versions of the Intruders (S83/VS1400, S50/VS800, C90/LC1500), the Savage (S40), the Volusia (C50), and the Marauder 800 (M50) dig? the S83 is a VS1400 with drag bars and the popular sissy-bar delete aftermarket mod. the tool kit is a nice addition, but you should hear te suzi-cruzi faithful whining!!! LOL! the VS1400 brakes are are a weak point, (I know from experience, I owned and rode one for several years), and it's obvious they didn't spend any money on those.

The LC1500 becomes the Monster Volusia! ... the old (and suzi Cruiser line originating) VS800 gets similar mods to the VS1400/S83.

The maurauder 800 recieved the biggest changes, looking at the photos adn specs, it seems that Suzuki made the M50 out of a Volusia, with a sportbike fork and chopped fenders...I have read a rumor that there's an M105 to be released later...hopefully it WON'T be the rebadged KAwasaki Mean Streak that gave us all the Marauder 1600.

all in all, I think it's a weak response to the other metric cruiser lines. All these "upgrades" should have been done in '00 or '01.
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Think they finally realized that no right-thinking man would want to sit on anything called "the Intruder?"

Gee, too bad they didn't have these babies ready for that big 40th anniversary of the charter in California party!
LMAO! Roger that! Actually, what we all need is a Transformer bike. Something that stretches out like a cruiser to eat up long, straight stretches, and then compacts down into a carving machine once the droning road turns into some twisty bits. Maybe that will be my contribution to motorcycles one day. Then again, if any of you were fans of the cartoon series "MASK" the motorcycle that turns into a helicopter isn't a bad idea either.
So what they're basically telling us is...

Absolutely no new streetbikes for '05, just an attempt to draw more people in with a new branding strategy.

Just what cruiser riders want, to have their bike renamed like a Volvo.

"I ride an S40, it's so badass in black. I almost bought a Savage, but the name sounded silly."

Whatever Suzuki.

I guess I'd better throw new paint on my CB350 and rename it a Q27 if I want to be cool this year.

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Sorry it just getting boring to see slight variations of the same boring stuff.
Re: So what they're basically telling us is...

In the long run, this will not work. Someone from Suzuki's marketing department should have read Dexter Ford's piece on branding in this month's Motorcyclist. (Sorry MO, it's an excellent piece.) It clearly explains why a move like this will never amount to more than a mediocre sub-brand and, ultimately, failure.

Hey, it's also a good read for the marketing/branding unintiated among the MOnation. I've been in the ad/marketing business for over 10 years now and I found it very interesting. You'll probably find it moreso.

It also raises an interesting contradiction for our friends at Harley-Davidson and Buell.
Maybe, but those latest and greatest racer replicas are also just slight variations from year to year also, no matter how much the add copy tries to claim otherwise.
Re: So what they're basically telling us is...

Suzuki could at least make it more interesting by having native Japanese ad writers write the copy.
what kinda crap is this i feel sorry for the guy that gets to ride his s85 while i get to ride an intruder haha, hey i wonder if i can sell my intruder badging on ebay to one of these poor saps
Re: So what they're basically telling us is...

Could you imagine the great stuff we'd get to read? I've heard all the stories about the old owners' manuals. That would be fantastic.

Sadly, the Italians are more likely to do something like that. In fact, they have.
I like the idea of a Transformer bike. Even if you had to stop and transform it would be alright. Like this week I want a sport bike. Next week, I want a standard so I pop off the fairings and change the bars and seat. If I want a sport tourere I pop on hard bags etc.

Formal Notice is being Served to Suzuki

The Cruiser Court of MOtorcycle Management hereby orders the Suzuki Motorcycle Corporation to cease production of any and all motorcycles Suzuki deems "cruisers" in the Suzuki lineup. They are not cruisers; they are not motorcycles; they are all equally hideous; get a frickin' clue.


MOtorcycle Management, esq.
But it's not 'metric' anymore! Now it's "83 cubic inches."

Yay. Now I can do more math to compare engine sizes. w00t.

Yeah, babay!

Aluminum framed 4 stroke MXer for Suzuki, now, too.

Cm'on guys, don't badmouth Suzuki too much. They still make SV and DL 650's don't they?
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