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2005 Victory Motorcycles

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I read somewhere that Victory will introduce a naked sport bike along the lines of the Yamaha MT-O1 and also a fully-faired sportbike, both possibly within the year. Anyone hear anything similar?

Oh yeah, first post! Woo hoo!

And there was much rejoicing.

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Thanks for the Info. A good Honda dealer down the street just started carrying Victory's. 8 ball for KPaul
Thanks for the Info. A good Honda dealer down the street just started carrying Victory's. 8 ball for KPaul. My wife loves the looks.

I don't know, man. These Victory's just don't do it for me.

I mean, why buy an obvious Harley clone, when you can buy the real thing? Polaris is a division of Fuji Heavy Industries, BTW, and the worlds 2nd largest maker of ATVs.

4 valve heads, overhead cams, oil cooled passenger seats, etc. etc.. Christ, it could have JATO bottles, and it'd still be just what it is: A Harley Copy. Albeit a high-tech one.

I know, you'll all be saying "yeah, but that's what you can say about any big V-twin cruiser, if you want". But really, take a close look. It mimiks the entire "custom" Harley ideal.

Now if they'd just put that hi-tech V twin in a Buell-like frame...out-Harley a Buell.

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Victory Sales?

I think the new models, in particular the Vegas, look really great. They would look even better if they were a few thousand dollars less expensive... but that's another thread.

However, I've yet to see a single Vegas or Kingpin on the road despite there being a few of their dealers nearby, including Arlen Ness's own shop right up the road.

How have their new models been selling? All of the dealers I've visited had a ton of them available for sale. Are there some deals to be made?
You don't think they hired Arlen Ness to make it look more like a Victory and less like a Harley do ya? Your comments are spot on.
Thanks. I think the folks at Polecatus are missing a big chance here, seeing how saturated the V-Twin cruiser market is.

Why don't they put that motor in a modern chassis, not a Buell copy, but at least something nice & new, with good forks and a (gasp) single shock?

Make the "other" American motorcycle, that has more than 3 inches of suspension travel, and doesn't handle like a wheelbarrow.

After all, Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru, Teledyne-Wisconsin, Robin, Moterenfabrik Hatz Gmbh, China North Industries) just acquired part of Suzuki; maybe they can inject a little GSX into the Victory design.

Take a look at Fuji's golf carts, ATVs and Snow Mobiles...can you say Polaris?

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Another side

For those of us who can only afford to be Harley stockholders not Harley owners (i.e. I am the lone provider in house of 3 women, my wife and two daughters), Victory offers an American alternative. I can keep my sportbike and buy one of these.

I love the lines of the Ness bikes. Call it a clone etc. To me they look cleaner and more modern than Harley. Sure I could buy a Sportster but do I really want a low tech paint shaker when the American made Victory is around. I hope MO tests these against Harleys and Metric Criusers.

I never thought I would buy a cruiser but Buzglyd may be right about the long board vs short board surf thing. I wouldn't know no waves in Colorado and the ocean is to cold in Washington. If Victory expands the market to attract new buyers that can only be good. Competition make things better. "And that's a good thing", Martha Stewart
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How about an affordable Confederate Hellcat? Now that would be cool.
Re: Polaris part of Fuji ????? Show me.

Go to the Polaris & Fuji Heavy Industries wesites. Do a little searching, it's all there

(Polaris-Fuji-Robin Industrial engine division, golf carts, atvs & snowmobiles).
Dig that bent swing-arm.
Re: Polaris part of Fuji ????? Show me.

Go to the Polaris & Fuji Heavy Industries wesites. Do a little searching, it's all there

(Polaris-Fuji-Robin Industrial engine division, golf carts, atvs & snowmobiles).
Are you stretching things????

Went to Polaris site looks like it is not owned by Fuji. i.e. maybe Fuji owns stock but it is not wholely owned. So I think you are stretching look at the link I posted. Post the actual link.
Re: I see a conspiracy...

No, did you check the Fuji site? Click on the "other" division’s link.

And, if you look close, the Polaris site alludes to a link between the two companies, specifically the Robin-Polaris Industrial Engine mfg.

Also, if you’ll view the "other products" link on the Fuji site, you'll see products that are surprisingly, Polaris. Like the displayed red ATV. I can only imagine what the snowmobile looks like...they didn't give a picture.

Some kind of conspiracy, if you ask me.

Like fluoridization, Fuji is trying to sap and impurify all our natural bodily fluids, through the introduction of foreign parts into our American motorcycles. Without our knowledge BTW. What’s next? Children’s ice cream?
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Re: I see a conspiracy...

Looking at the Japan site I only see Robin Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc.

1201 Industrial Road, Hudson, WI 54016 U.S.A.

Tel: +1-715-381-5902

Fax: +1-715-381-5901

Is this a shell over Robin-Polaris ??? Sneaky if true.
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Re: I see a conspiracy...

The line got re-named four times, Wisconsin, Teledyne-Wisconsin, Teledyne Robin, and finally just Robin.

Maybe before Wisconsin-Teledyne tanked, Fuji stepped in and bought the name & mfg rights? Perhaps Polaris bought the plant, before Fuji got involved? Intriguing.

Anyway, when this happened, around 1979, the Wisconsin industrial engine went from being a heavy cast iron clunker, to a greatly improved aluminum/steel sleeve unit.

Now, judging by the Polaris site, somehow they’re involved in industrial engine production, for the Robin (Fuji) motor. Hope this ties into the Victory bike, down the road some. Maybe they can do for the Victory, what they did for the Wisconsin.
Re: Ah Ha!

Cut from the Fuji Website:

Industrial Products Division

The Industrial Products Division has designed and manufactured the high performance engines that power Polaris personal watercraft, ATVs, and snowmobiles for over twenty years.

EZ-GO golf carts also utilize Fuji technology. They use twin cylinder inline over head cam (OHC) engines designed and manufactured by Fuji's Industrial Products Division.

This division also makes all of the Robin 4 cycle gasoline and diesel engines marketed by Robin America
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Right on! When you bring it home let me know!
I'm not a cruiser guy, but if I was going to buy a cruiser, I would definitely consider a Victory. To my (unbiased) eyes they do not look like Harley clones, they look a whole lot better than Harleys. And you said it yourself, Victories are more high-tech. So what's not to like ?

Well said. Seems like everytime someone makes another better bike than HD the brainwashed HD crowd starts crying clone. Don't see it, and I promise you after riding one it's a far superior performing motor and frame. Of course no one stuck a Harley emblem on it so it must be an imitation of a "real bike" LOL!
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