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2005 Yamaha R6 Test

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if i had a job i wouldn't get first post!
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KPail, you are 100% correct, there are numerous cruisers that have superior low speed/rpm "roll-on" accelleration to a modern 600 Supersport. Nice of you to point that out for us. -Sean
Yep KPaul drives around town in 2 and 3rd most of the time, always alert for those Honda Civics with the after market exhaust and the Harley Sportster rider who wants to play. But seriously my Ninja will pull Ok from 3000 on but 4000 seems to be the sweet spot. So sometimes I ride in 4 th and 5th around time but usually never 6. I am sure the new Ninja ZX-6R will out pull the Yamaha when you test it.
So you haven't tested the new ZX-6R yet have you. It looks sweet and I bet it has more low down torque than the R6 if tradition holds true. Aren't Yamahas and Suzukis more high strung compared to Ninjas and 600RRs.
I'd expect that to be the case as well, but more as a result of the slightly larger capacity and a few more ft/lbs of torque.
Even at 4,000RPM, that Harley Sportster will leave you for dead, until you pull your head out and make a couple downshifts. Meanwhile he's already 5 bike lengths ahead of you and though you will catch and pass him like he's standing still, it will be about 4 blocks down the road, while you are accellerating through 100MPH. Of course on the city streets, that race was ovel long before you actually caught and passed the Sportster. Unless of course, you intend to wind it out for a 1/4 mile and 100+ MPH on city streets. (I'll wager that rarely happens in the real world) -Sean
Dont' argue with him Sean. Remember, KPaul has owned and ridden one motorcycle in his entire life and that's enough to be an authority on everything.
I have extensive experience on ZX-6Rs and am sure that the low-end performance of the new ZX-6R (which I will be test ing on the street and track, in Almeria Spain, Dec 4th-8th) will be slightly better than the R6. However, the difference will be minor and comparrisons between 600s shouldn't place much emphasis on low-rpm power or tractablilty.
Would you've preferred it if I'd said: "Special Olympics" ?
LOL. No special olympians are athletes. Then again fathead Boehm is pretty special.
Wanna know what's better than winning second place in the special olympics? Not being a retard.
No No he's right. Hey he is the expert. When I buy MO his position as Cheif Editor (Head Honcho) is secure. Of course he will have more people working under him so I will have to pay him more..
Let's kill it please!

I think the "roll on contest" is about as dead a horse as the helmet issue. Sean, can MO take a "modern 600" and a Buell, Sportster, "insert cruiser name here", and do roll ons from different rpm ranges to bury this horse once and for all? I doubt anyone but one person would learn anything from it, but proving that one person wrong for the thousandth time may get him to shut up about it already. How about it Sean? Roll on champion crowning in the making? Throw my beloved VMax in there just to show em what!
Re: Let's kill it please!

No doubt, the Rocket III is gonna whup all comers in that contest.
Re: Let's kill it please!

C'mon, I was bored. Don't you guy's in Chi-Town go fishin'
Underseat exhausts are sooo last Tuesday..

A steering stabilizer is going to be pretty much required now with steep rake and trail numbers on new portbikes.
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