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2005 Yamaha R6 Test

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if i had a job i wouldn't get first post!
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Re: Let's kill it please!

My money is on the litrebikes.

-- Michael
I expect that at some point the displacement wars will start again. The need for speed will probably prompt another manufacturer to offer a punched out supersport to compete with Kasaki. At that point the rest will follow suit and eventually the racing associations will allow these larger displacement bikes to compete. Eventually we may see the 750cc class return.

Remember that displacement categories are completely arbitrary and if the public decides to opt for larger displacement supersports the rules will accomodate them.
I agree. "KPail" is a keeper. It may even be a worthy replacement for "Kook".
Re: Let's kill it please!

No doubt the Litrebikes will be significantly quicker and faster than the Rocket III. However, I suspect that a Hayabusa, ZX-12R, Rocket III and possibly V-Max will outperform them in top-gear roll-ons. -Sean
Ours goes to eleven. In that case, make it KPail_Kook. -Sean
Axiom #1

There's no replacement for displacement.
Re: indeed.

Its not the cops you need to worry about. I got verbally ***** slapped by one of the OEMs for openly discussing my traffic transgressions on their bike in one of my stories. Lots of, "Personally I love reading your work, but if our lawyers ever saw that story, you'd never touch another (insert anonymous OEM name here) for as long as you live".

So take that for what it's worth SA. I know our hooligan exploits are a pretty badly kept secret but you never know who's readin' and some things are best left unsaid. You know, kinda like our sexual exploits, eh big guy?

nudge, nudge, wink, wink...

(Ooops, did I say that out loud?!)
Re: indeed.

I have it on good authority that one can hypothetically achieve 145+ on I-80 between Wendover and Elko along some of those stretches where you have 20+ miles of unhindered view.

But don't quote me on it.
Am I the only one trembling when he says that?
Re: Let's kill it please!

Apologies for the link to another site, but:

The litrebikes seem to be doing 60-80 and 80-100 in the mid- to high- 2s.

'Busa and Blackbird are in the low to mid 3s. No data for ZX12, Vmax, R3.

It makes sense: the litrebikes have amazing power to weight ratios.

Of course, these are just numbers. While I think such bikes are impressive, I don't want one. My F4i is more than enough bike for me.

-- Michael
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Re: Let's kill it please!

The literbikes also have lower gearing, I believe.

Which makes such testing pointless. All you have to do to get better roll on is just sacrifice a few mph by dropping a tooth on the countershaft sprocket. A couple of buddies of mine have done that to their supersports and it makes one heck of a difference for street riding and canyon carving where 100+ speeds are worse than pointless - even suicidal.
Look at it this way. If he does then the appellation "MOron" will no longer be tongue in cheek.

I wouldn't worry though. KPail is only a financial genius in his own mind. Not much to worry about a Boeing employee taking over MO.
I don't know you or yours but...

The retard comment is out of line (IMHO)

Being the step father of a special needs child (since the father had a similar opinion to the retard coment), I can tell you from personal experience that the kids involved in the Special Olympics get way more out of the competition than you, me, or most any of us ever will get in any competetive event.

Would their lives be better if they could eliminate, treat, or in any way resolve the conditions they suffer from.... HELL YES. But until then, helping them learn to deal with, and overcome, what ails them is more important than mocking them, or putting them down for their disabilities.

"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."

Sorry about that, but I'm getting thin skinned about it in the last few years.
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Nice work, Sean.

As usual, Fonzie puts up the best moto-journo multi media on the net.

And special congratulations for the dyno run scoop.

MO rules.
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Re: indeed.

I tell u what. I remember a case of a car journalist getting busted bad musta been 15 years ago for bragging on taking some Porsche up Angeles Crest over 100 mph. Or maybe it was Ferrari. And that was before videos. Lost his job when chp or whoever it was threatened his publishing co. with legal action. I don't think they have to beat it out of u when u confess up front and provide your own evidence.
100 points...

... to the first poster who can correctly identify the movie this line comes from...

"Who own da Chiefs?"
Fishin at the DC

In the Chicago River? doubt it. It's not like the Duwamish where you work(the DC right). In Washington we care about our enviornment. I used to work at the DC and Plant 2 at the Aircraft Sim lab. Used to watch the Sea Lions snag salmon out of Indian Nets. Funniest thing I ever saw.
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