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2005 Yamaha R6 Test

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if i had a job i wouldn't get first post!
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Re: 100 points...

you beat me by 10 seconds

that's very hard for a man of my intelligence to take
Considering you can't even pull the trigger to purchase a Triumph or VFR or 8 Ball or whatever your next bike is, what makes any of us think you'll pony up the $1500 it would take to buy MO?
Re: 100 points...

What can I say I love hockey. Too bad they ain't playing it this year.
Re: 100 points...

Dayum! KP takes the prize! I figured LongRide, the pride of Chicago, had the best chance.


"Puttin' on the foil coach!"

"Old time hockey!"

"You go in box and they close door and you feel shame"

Awesome stuff!

BTW, rumor has it that if MO wins the motojounalist GP, we'll be bought by a rich motorcycle enthusiast from Florida and that our new offices will be in South Beach where gorgeous Cuban girls will "polish our helmets" after every ride. Chant along with me MOrons, "GO SEAN GO! GO SEAN GO!"
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Re: 100 points...

Didn't see the post fast enough boys. GO SEAN GO! GO SEAN GO! I'm with ya eb!
Re: Let's kill it please!

Wasn't talking about you Sarnali when I was mentioning a moron. I think we all know who I meant.
Re: indeed.

So if said me and Paris Hilton done the nasty I get a prize??
Re: Just like Crackerjacks

Probably a sur-prise or two in that box
Re: I don't know you or yours but...

Sorry it's a bad joke I agree with you completely just couldn't resist. Sort of a knee-jerk reaction.
yeah, no *****...What happened to your Daytona?

Here I was thinking you were going to show some class and you embarass me once again..
Ok Ok but I like the new ZX-6R. Even Buz knows that the 600 and more specifically Kawasaki is the pinnacle of motorcycles. Why would I get something inferior. :)
Re: Let's kill it please!

I'd want to see the ZRX1200 in the mix.
Re: indeed.

Yeah- I'll bet your prize is chlamydia if your claim is true...
Re: 100 points...

Cuban girls? Do you have any openings on the staff?
Re: indeed.

The "prizes" today often aren't returnable, even with penicillin.
Re: Let's kill it please!

The literbikes also have lower gearing, I believe.

A fair point. However, the litrebikes still seem to have better roll on times than the Busas/Blackbirds/etc, which was the original comment. :)

Which makes such testing pointless

Most performance comparison testing is pointless. For streetbikes, who cares if one bike is 0.4 second faster 0-60, or if another is 0.6 sec faster in a roll on? It's all really academic.

Personally, if a bike is capable of the 1/4 in the 12s or less I think that it's more than enough for the real world. Who really rides around at WFO anyways?

Of course magazines need objective means of distinguishing bikes, and performance tests are a way of doing just that. {shrug}

-- Michael
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A friend of mine took one out last weekend. Said he would be in more danger of speeding tickets on the Rocket than his Speed Triple.
61 - 80 of 119 Posts
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