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2005 Yamaha R6 Test

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if i had a job i wouldn't get first post!
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I'm with you on the under seat exhaust. It's lost so much of its appeal. Ducati is really the only bike I still like it on. Now I look at a traditional can and I'm sighing with relief like at passing of Britney Spears. But then I like longhaired brunettes so...
I mean damn! I just got off a 70-hour week doing the closest thing to white-collar labor as the oxymoron can describe. And I read, "...ZX-6R (which I will be testing on the street and track, in Almeria Spain, Dec 4th-8th)."

I don't know if I should cry, start drinking heavily, or both.

Re: 100 points...

Oh yes, Seruzawa! The rich Floridian suitor has promised to add staff positions for several of our most erudite posters. We're all gonna get matching sets of leathers with our names stitched on em and umbrella girls to meet us in the parking lot when we arrive in the morning and leave at the end of the day. Now quit playing with those stupid RC cars and get out there and write something brilliant!

Scrape those pegs!

Pound those free ****tails!

Accost those fair maidens!

Nice work guys.

Here in Japan, all the manufacturers sell track only "white versions" and I haven't decided which '05 600 model to get.

Every little bit of info helps the decision process. Looking forward to the other releases.

Next time sneak one to the track!

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Re: I don't know you or yours but...

I feel every sympathy in the world for the disabled. My uncle has Downs. And I laughed my ass off at that joke.

Life's short. I never tell anyone to lighten up, but I wish they'd stop telling everyone else to heavy down.
Oh man, I keep watching that S-turn video over and over. I sure hope someday to be as fast as that looked!

gforces (the lateral kind)

Time for a track day eh
I know the underseat is all looks, but it gives you clearance in cornering. Draw back? Hot butt. I too like long hair burnettes of the Asian variety. Guess that's why I married one! :)

Great review MO! I'm really leaning towards a class or the new Big Bore SuperSport (I forgot the name given to this class) with the Kawi 636.
Re: indeed.

No big deal in this case, because with the "sneak away from intro and dyno test it" incident, it'll probably be a cold day you-know-where before MO gets another Yammie to test.

Sigh. Blacklisted again. And you had only recently gotten back into Honda's good graces.
Do the "white versions" dance funny and put mayonaise on everything?
Re: indeed.

The Park Valley Road is even better - three turns in about 130 miles. Goes around the west side of Salt Lake from Snowville on I-84 to west of Wendover on I-80. Try it, you'll like it :)
This is Sooooo Annoying!

Here we go again: another year, another crop of fantastic, 600 intros, probably all better than the last...Ho Hum. Now, all you guys who can ride the things (unlike me) get to choose between which particular awesome deal you happen to like the most. Yeah! Well...Goody for you! Hope you all choke on your good fortune.

Yes, as a matter of fact, it is sour grapes. I can't ride the damn things without feeling like a frog in a blender and worrying about my fillings coming out; and, that annoys me to no end! Wouldn't it be wonderful...Tra walk around knowing, that no matter which bike you choose, you're probably getting more than your money's worth, anyway? Then, if that's not bad enough, you get to check around for the best price, and end up with an EVEN BETTER DEAL.

All bitterness aside, Yamaha has had the best looking bike for the last several years. I'll take mine in black. But, I can't...Can I!!!
Re: Let's kill it please!

Rocket III? Wonderful bike! If it had a cow-catcher and a caboose I bet I could even find a use for it.
Ah, a man of fine taste I see!
No thier called white versions because they used to come with unpainted bodywork, which was all white.

Track only. No lights, running gear or ignition. Cost is around $6,200.
No "black" version though. Sounds like the Asian man is trying to keep a brutha down.
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