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2005 Yamaha Race Team Intro

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Did I see some cheating on that video ??

I thought MOrons would never drop to that level :(

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No, you saw a guy run-off the berm and go flying into the weeds, then safely and sanely re-join the racetrack directly in front of his friend. -Sean
Oh, is that what it was? :)~

To be honest, the gov computer won't let me download something that can play mpeg4, so it comes though like crap on WMP. Looks like 4 images overlaid, so it is hard for me to see what's really happening.

If they'd only increase my network permissions.
So like, let me get this straight. You moto-journalist type, who get bikes handed to you, get to out and ride with the stars (on somebody else's bikes). I, on the other hand, who may even lay out hard earned cash to buy a Yamaha in the next year (seriously), am lucky if the dealer throws me a jersey ont eh way out the door.

Somethin' ain't right. :) LOL!
All the colors of the rainbow to choose from and Yamaha uses plain old blue, white and black. That group photo sure looks drab. The metal parts seem to work pretty well together though.
The cool part about Sean is even even allowed a hack like me to participate in a shootout with em. Gotta say it was loads of fun hangin with the crew.
Having read about this elsewhere, I have to ask if Sean or Fonzi ever got a ride on the R1 simulated drag race. Sounded like a fun way to trash a good bike, with minimum risk to your fleshy parts.


I hate you guys, I hate you guys, I hate you guys, I hate you guys, I hate you guys, I hate you guys....etc.
Do you REALLY want to know, that?
If ya keep talkin about color-coordination, we’re gonna make you hand in you penis one of these days...I Wonder if they come in Fawn? :)

Why would you be interested in a fawn colored penus? VWW
See, now this is why I like Yamaha better than Honda. Honda seems too stodgy and corporate to ever try something like this. This is something I would expect out of a smaller company like KTM. It looks like a lot of fun.

Yeah! But, after a while, even the piano-player in the whorehouse gets sick of things.

I used to love glazed DoNuts, until I worked in a bakery.

Imagine what it's like staring at a computer, with a deadline, jet-lag, without a thing to say, and 3000 word worth of space to say it in. Oh, yeah! Almost forgot; you’re also supposed to be informative, interesting, imaginative, and hopefully funny.

"Do you know why a Raven is like a writing-desk?" Answer: They both wait patiently as men die.

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My punishment was having to room with Martin aka Sportbike Pilot. It was more than any man should endure! LOL Or maybe it was more than Martin should have had to endure.
Ya know; less than a minute after pushing OK, I realized that I'd screwed up.
I understand your point. However, if I wern't so verbally challenged to wright for a living, I'd have trouble thinking of a better job than Motorcycle journalist. I used to think that architecture and construction was neat, untill I did it for 20+ years.

Back to my original question, did anyone of you bastiches get to ride the drag simulator, wring the pi$$ out of an R!, and leave the smoking corpse behind?
Yes, It was pretty booring though, considering the place was full of motorcycles that we could actually ride. Racing the Drag Simulator was sort of like masturbating, while surrounded by beautiful & willing women. (Don't ask me how I know that.) -Sean
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