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I hope the MT-01 makes buell put some porsche designed engine to good use.
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The Euros also get a "Rossi-designed" paint job on the R6. You might consider them lucky to the extent that you like Keith Haring-esque celestial objects plastered across your supersport. You might also consider the Euros lucky that they can have a painted chick flashing her high beams at a bike show without the media falling all over themselves in self-righteous hypocrisy.
Ya wanna supersize that?

At 529 lbs dry weight with a wheelbase near 60 inches the MT-01 is gonna be in its own special XXL fatso streetfighter class.

You'd have to be one sorry git to prefer that freaking ugly thing over any Buell XB, let alone a Tuono.
I first posted this on another forum and apoligize if you already read it . But it fit's here better .

After reading the "2004 Open Class Shootout"(Great job by the way guy's ) my vote is for a bike not yet built , but should be. The '04 R1 , this bike is even more beautiful "Stripped" (ie without fairing )

It's just screaming for a "Bikini" ( fairing ) to show off that gourgeous engine and chassis.


Your "Supermodel" showed her ( '04 R1 ) "Stunning Looks" in the evening gown contest , proved her ability in the talent

( Performance ) contest . Now we all want to see her in the bikini ( Fairing ) contest.

This is right on the " Pulse " of the market that is ready to increase by the "Thousands " , with all the street fighter bikes being built around the world . Not to mention the

" Sport Enthusiasts " like myself .

Sportbikes are great but after riding for a few hours going to the chiropracter just to walk upright again is not much fun. Now a '04 R1 with FZ1 type bars and fairing ( with R1 lines of course ) is the perfect alternative. Of course I understand you would need to take the standard 10-15 hp off the top and add 5-10 ft lbs of torque peaking about 1000 rpms lower than the R1 and drop the gear ratio's about 10-20 percent(Limit speed to 155?) ,this is fine , as long as the rest comes through "Untouched" .

My first "High Performance Motorcycle " was a YAMAHA in fact it was in 1973(I was 10) a YZ80 at the time it was the highest performing motorcycle in it's class and I loved it .

I know you are launching new models at this time (sept. '04) and this might have to wait . However I am very confident that if you "Mocked Up" an example of the Motorcycle described here and were to put it to a vote you would recieve "Thousands of "YES BUILD IT" replies.

We all know there is a market for "Big V-Twins" and not to take away from it , but there are just as many if not more of us waiting for a "Super Naked Bike". This motorcycle would be the highest performing mass produced "Super Naked" in the world.

So how about it YAMAHA ? Back in 2001 a "Naked bike that performed 7/10s of a "Superbike" was a

viable alternative . Now (2004 ) , 7/10s is not really up to the task of fullfilling the needs of true "Sport Enthusiasts" we are looking for at least 9/10s the perfomance without the committed riding position that "Superbikes" demand .

Thank you for time

Sincerely, A Future Customer

So what do you think fellow MOrons? check out the "Naked" chassis pictures and see what I mean about the clean motor etc. of the R1 as compared to the other "Open Class Bikes " a few wires and cables rerouted and it will look excellent. Just removing the fairing it still looks cleaner than most "Nakeds" that were designed that way ! Not all of us just want "Torque " besides it makes more than enough already imagine gearing it down 10-20 percent.

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Images 62 and 64 at the bottom of the article aren't showing up for me.
05 FZ1

At the bottom are listed the Yamaha models which haven't changed except for graphics/colors....and the FZ1 is included there...perhaps incorrectly.

Yamaha's website states the 05 Fizzer gets a lightened crankshaft and some other small revisions....maybe not enough to call it "new"? Just an observation..
MT-01 a threat to neither aprilia nor buell...

Its not a threat to the Tuono: The tuono is perfectly modern fugu, razor sharp, overpowered, superbike goodness with the fairing ripped off...

The Buell is "something different" which the owners obsess over and others can't understand. They combine a razor sharp chassis with a tractor-engine. Buell faithfull will generally remain faithful. Those not faithfull will probably choose something else after a demo ride.
Re: MT-01 a threat to neither aprilia nor buell...

Interesting that Yamaha has decided to add their own razor sharp chassis and tractor engine to its lineup.
Even IF Yamaha brings in the MT, they will probably do the FJR marketing thing, ie - as customer unfriendly as possible without actually declaring the customer as enemy.

I feel better now!

The comments that the MT is "no Buell or Tuono" seems to me to be assuming that the MT is on the same mission as the Buell and Tuono. While there is plenty of misson overlap, I think the Buell and Tuono are not necessarily on the exact same mission. The Buell is obviously more narrowly focused for tighter, "smaller" roads - my personal fav roads to ride. You know, the ones that follow the contour of the land - old "farm to market" roads. The type of roads that seem to belong to another country and time - the type of road where you just might round a corner and find Captain Hastings, elbows flailing akimbo attempting to keep that chain driven tranny of that Frazer-Nash in gear while Priot is holding onto his dove gray bowler hat for dear life...ooops. Let me turn PBS off. Now that is better, too.

The Tuono can do those lovely pocket roads well, but can also excel on the more open roads where the Buell gets a bit breathless.

As for looks MT vs Tuono - guess I'll just wait until I can see them both in the flesh. After all - photographs are 2-D representations of 3-D object. It is NOT possible to convert a 3-d object down to 2 without some level of perception distortion. (let the games begin - and I have better things to do than discuss that subject more).

As to the MT's mission: guess I'll have to wait for the testers to test and opine. I'd love to see Burns do a feature for CW on this one. Maybe a week in NW France aboard the MT? Hey, Burns could practice up on his conversational Provencal!!

My initial take is that the MT is on a more Tuono/Relaxed mission that anything else. Perhaps the MT is the comeback to the disappointing (Euro only) Yam Bulldog. We shall see.
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Re: MT-01 a threat to neither aprilia nor buell...

600 Supersports fans are shaking in their boots. "Oh no, another Ninja killer" ;)
I like the MT.

No, it's not a Tuono, nothing like it at all. As one of those wierdo's that doesn't like supersport bikes or cruisers though, both bikes appeal to me. Just visualizing the ride (of a bike I have only seen pictures of) I anticipate there being a massively different feel between the two bikes.

I applaud yamaha, doing something different and having a little substance. How freaking boring was the new models for most the other big 4? "Our GBRXXRR 1000 now has 180hp and dropped 8lbs" So what? Do something new, make me sit at my computer bikeless and dream about a new ride.

Then again, I curse Yamaha. How dare you not bring this bike over. Bastards. Maybe I should blame all the supersport squids and cruiser types here in the states buying the wrong bikes. It seems that all the advertising and dealer pressure pushes to these two sorts of bikes though, so it is not suprising that they can't sell anything else over here.

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Buell sales have steadily increased over the past few years. Yamaha will bring it here after they work out the bugs in Europe.

I agree with you on the latest CBGXRYZ1000. Air-cooled motorcycles really appeal to me. There's just an elegance in the execution that is lost in the maze of plumbing on a liquid bike.

When the Ducati GT1000 is available, I will likely be lining up for one.
Razor Sharp my butt...

A 530 lb dry-weight motorcycle won't have a razor sharp chassis. The MT-01 is no threat to the current buells, which weigh a good 130 lbs less, and makes more power.

Anyone attracted to a buell is not going to want the extra 130 lbs and negative-ten horsepower distorting their fun.

The MT-01 is a "funky lookin air-cooled roadster", it is no match for a modern Buell.
Re: Razor Sharp my butt...

I didn't realize the weight difference was that much. Maybe it's Yamaha's version of a Confederate Hellcat.
Note that the air-cooled Buell meets new emission standards without a catalytic converter. A function of the higher operating temperature?

You can make a good street machine out of a GSXR is you mount higher wider handlebars, lower the pegs, drop the countershaft sprocket a tooth..... hey wait a second, don't we already call this a Speed Triple?

Re: Razor Sharp my butt...

Don't forget that the Japanese always grossly underreport the weight in the ad copy. They usually neglect to include things like the battery anf tires when they give their claimed "dry weight".

Add another 75 lbs.
I'm waiting for the Speed Triple to grace your driveway so we can have the Morons meet in the middle ride.

We're all ridin' up to Martin's place in Idaho.

Huh? Did someone say something?

Gonna be a slow year boys.
Re: Razor Sharp my butt...

It's kinda like BMW quoting horsepower figures. How many ads have you seen quoting 130 hp for the K1200GT. It dynos at about 112.

BMW is quoting 167 in its current ad copy regarding the new K1200S.

It's like the old SAE gross hp numbers from the muscle cars of the 60s. Hp was taken at the crank with the alternator, water pump and everything else disconnected.
the MT-01 is just like Butter...

i was thinking it was yamaha's version of the boxer butterbean....

big, fat, slow, ugly...but it packs a punch.
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