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Even IF Yamaha brings in the MT, they will probably do the FJR marketing thing, ie - as customer unfriendly as possible without actually declaring the customer as enemy.

I feel better now!

The comments that the MT is "no Buell or Tuono" seems to me to be assuming that the MT is on the same mission as the Buell and Tuono. While there is plenty of misson overlap, I think the Buell and Tuono are not necessarily on the exact same mission. The Buell is obviously more narrowly focused for tighter, "smaller" roads - my personal fav roads to ride. You know, the ones that follow the contour of the land - old "farm to market" roads. The type of roads that seem to belong to another country and time - the type of road where you just might round a corner and find Captain Hastings, elbows flailing akimbo attempting to keep that chain driven tranny of that Frazer-Nash in gear while Priot is holding onto his dove gray bowler hat for dear life...ooops. Let me turn PBS off. Now that is better, too.

The Tuono can do those lovely pocket roads well, but can also excel on the more open roads where the Buell gets a bit breathless.

As for looks MT vs Tuono - guess I'll just wait until I can see them both in the flesh. After all - photographs are 2-D representations of 3-D object. It is NOT possible to convert a 3-d object down to 2 without some level of perception distortion. (let the games begin - and I have better things to do than discuss that subject more).

As to the MT's mission: guess I'll have to wait for the testers to test and opine. I'd love to see Burns do a feature for CW on this one. Maybe a week in NW France aboard the MT? Hey, Burns could practice up on his conversational Provencal!!

My initial take is that the MT is on a more Tuono/Relaxed mission that anything else. Perhaps the MT is the comeback to the disappointing (Euro only) Yam Bulldog. We shall see.
1 - 1 of 115 Posts
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