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I hope the MT-01 makes buell put some porsche designed engine to good use.
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FZ1? Hey I'm no aerodynamics expert but it would seem if you wanna go 160+ a bike with racebike fairings would be a good idea. FZ1 not fast enough for ya?
Re: Razor Sharp my butt...

Buell makes more power? Well maybe so but personally I think "with Stage III numbers in the neighborhood of 120HP and 120+LbFt" are pretty repectable for a mighy fun ride. Everything is relative, seen any Buells racing R1's lately? Maybe the MT-01 will not have as nice a chassis as a Buell but then I would also trust a Yamaha motor more than a Buell. Hey I like the new Buell's, it's the only thing Harley makes that gives you something for your money (how'd that happen?)but that MT-01 looks like a load of fun to me.
1 - 2 of 115 Posts
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