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I like the MT.

No, it's not a Tuono, nothing like it at all. As one of those wierdo's that doesn't like supersport bikes or cruisers though, both bikes appeal to me. Just visualizing the ride (of a bike I have only seen pictures of) I anticipate there being a massively different feel between the two bikes.

I applaud yamaha, doing something different and having a little substance. How freaking boring was the new models for most the other big 4? "Our GBRXXRR 1000 now has 180hp and dropped 8lbs" So what? Do something new, make me sit at my computer bikeless and dream about a new ride.

Then again, I curse Yamaha. How dare you not bring this bike over. Bastards. Maybe I should blame all the supersport squids and cruiser types here in the states buying the wrong bikes. It seems that all the advertising and dealer pressure pushes to these two sorts of bikes though, so it is not suprising that they can't sell anything else over here.

1 - 1 of 115 Posts
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