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I hope the MT-01 makes buell put some porsche designed engine to good use.
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Re: MT01

The big aluminum things are air filter covers as the air box sits over the injectors in the valley of the V twin motor.

While the styling of the MT01 is certainly "different", nothing will ever look any goofier than the 150 Dreamcycle with the possible exception of wild Bill Gelbke's Road Dog. VWW.
Re: MT01

Yeah, as I recall he hit a curb and dumped it. Just one of his many moto journalist related crashes. VWW
Hey aren't you the guy that said that benevolent bureucratic socialism was great? VWW
Re: There you go again not reading what I say.

Poor Kook just doesn't realize that McCain Repuplicans, as well as 99% of the rest of the party are either Socialists, or National Socialists. VWW
Re: The Constitution for Dummies and the Kept Man (egg_beater)

Where exactly is prase separation on church and state written or implied? Your failure to comprehend the most basic thought process would be amusing if it was an occasional happenstance. You truly are a RePUPlican. VWW
Re: The Constitution for Dummies and the Kept Man (egg_beater)

Apparently "they" didn't teach him much of anything in school. I suppose Kook would belive red was blue if some activist black robed devil read the tea leaves and found some non existant penumbra to base his theory on. VWW
Re: The Constitution for Dummies and the Kept Man (egg_beater)

I must say KP that rejoinder was even below your particularly low standards. You would do better my friend if you just gracefully admitted that your knowledge of specific subject matter was inferior to others on certain occasions. VWW
Re: Be your own man.

Following the heard either politically, or economically makes you more of a lemming than a rugged individualist. It's not anyones fault but your own that you're too obtuse to realize that you, like the rest of the flock of bleating sheep that vote republicrat, are a liberal. BTW though they never will, if Sean or longride ever spew forth the kind of unbridled addle pated idocy that oozes from your every pore, I'll be first inline to question their sanity as I do yours. VWW
1 - 8 of 115 Posts
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