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I hope the MT-01 makes buell put some porsche designed engine to good use.
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What limits the RPM: I once read a Mercedes-B master engineer's interview and he was talking about the max velocity of the piston as a limiting factor in building long lasting engines. I made an effort to memorize that critical speed also, and somehow 18 m/s sticks to my mind. (I know I am making complete fool out of myself, it probably was something totally different)

- cruiz-euro
If it saves just one life.......

You never know when an incorrectly curved banana could hurt someone.
He said 526 f/m higher then the usual max, so 4000 would be the expected max.

The limiting factor is the ability to cool the cylinder wall and piston. At some point they'll melt.
Well well whoopass, you should watch more travel programs to learn from other countries.

For starters we don't have V-Stars. They are called Drag Stars, probably because their riders prefer to dress differently. Valkyries are called imaginatively "F6C": this is because Wagner, the opera composer and paint gun manufacturer, his family was assosiated with Hitler, who waxed so many butts that some people thought the name still unsellable (like the guys who buy this sort of bike would care).

Secondly, there is a cruiser market, look how I am called, H-D (also Buell) too, and actually growing well lately that dollar value has gone plenty down. In other words, the longer you guys blow the money in Irak, the more dollar will go down and H-D will sell in Yurup.

- cruiz-euro
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Re: MT01

Didn't that thing have an old 4 cylinder Chevy Nova motor?

Thinking about that urapeean MT01 again...

Styling of the production version MT01 reminds me of the Detroit panic of 1958, when automobile manufacturers tacked on every conceivable doo-dad to wow the public. I'd hate to go "over the bars" and have my kneecaps removed by those cheese-grater air cleaners. Something akin to getting impaled on a '58 Buick dashboard knob. Who needs all that fooforaw? Why can't someone make a kick-arse V-Twin that looks like an XR750?

If you notice, the production bike has a few vestiges of the MT01 prototype, but not many. None of the even better looking MT03 concept made it over. Pshaw.

Squidmobile. It'll never replace Mr. Max.
Re: If it saves just one life.......

I'm sure they'll have an assault banana ban sometime soon here.
You show up at my place you are gonna have to deal with the man:

It's true that road riding is about done for around here. The latest I've ever been able to ride very far is Thanksgiving. Dirtbikes run on the snow though, so not all is lost. Besides why worry about winter riding when there are six world class ski areas within short distances and all the free powder wet dreams are capable of conjuring?


No. They'll just have the govt offer free self-defense classes.

"What do you do when attacked by a man carrying a bunch of grapes?"

"We already did the grapes."

"What if he's got a pointed stick?"

"I know I am making complete fool out of myself, it probably was something totally different)" That never stops me :) But that's how I learn about things.
Tossing of the GSXR

Yes, indeed, in the spirit of the long tradition of "The Tossing of the GSXR".

Or perhaps the sinking of the GS. Although a handy multi-surface transporter, not as useful a machine underwater.

JohnnyB will know what I mean.
If piston speed is indeed the limiting factor then you would have to consider skirt to wall clearance. What is it now for these 4-bangers with slipper pistons? I know Harleys are about 0.0015" and my old Brit bikes would do with 0.004 to 0.005". Maybe the rods are real well engineered now and use the expensive materials to reduce the flex you mentioned.
Don't forget about the extra-hideous paintjobs on the Euro Honda 1000RR's ... good god those things is ugly.
My understanding is that it is piston acceleration not velocity that is relevant; insofar as velocity is a proxy for acceleration, then it's meaningful - but by itself, it doesn't have much to do with RPM limits.

I think what happens at high piston acceleration rates (coincident with high RPM, and proportional to stroke) is that the con-rods fail through a gradual process that ultimately results in cracking. Superior metallurgy can address this issue to a point - I have a CBR600F4 that has 22K on the clock and still runs strung, despite frequent trips over 13K RPM (which, with that bike, are rather necessary).

There is an additional issue with valve float / overlap although I believe that this can be solved fairly easily and is less of an issue than piston acceleration.

The natural solution is to use rotary engines, but it's cheaper to refine something that's well understood than to build something new from whole-cloth.

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Re: Valkyries

That reminds me of a goofball "evangelical christian" at work a few years ago, he was going on and on about the then new Valk. and how he was going to trade his GW for one, so I said "well yeah, 100 hp, 100 lb/ft torque, named after the angels of death, how could you go wrong". He got a funny look on his face and said "I didn't know thats what it means."

About a month later he shows up on a new Shadow Spirit, saying he got a better deal on it
Any of those old rotary Kawis kicking around still?

A cool summer project for some industrious kids would be to drop a Renesis (rx-8) engine into some cruiser frame to make a kinda Rotary Boss Hog. 250 hp at 8500 rpm, that'd get ya to church on time.
Re: Self-defense!

Didja' hear about the two peanuts walking down the street?

One was a-salted..... HA-HA-HA-HA....I crack myself up.

I think the MT01 is pretty cool looking myself, I'd buy one. The R1 is, and remains the absolute sexyest looking bike on earth. Mass cool
If you want to increase piston speed, twist the loud handle.

You don't need an engineering degree to figure that one out.
As long as they do something in the right direction. Maybe a poll would convince them that this is the right direction?

the mt I think is more along the lines of competition to the zrx1200 (rest in peace), yamaha's own v-vmax, the cb1300 if we ever see it and the drooly fjx1300

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