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I hope the MT-01 makes buell put some porsche designed engine to good use.
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it's too bad i just can't bring myself to jump on the crotch rocket wagon.. r1 and r6 sure are pretty bikes..
wouldn't work..

just rip the fairing offa a bike and by aftermarket fairing and a top clamp with risers.

the reason they add torq is for stop start riding and lower speed roll ons.. like fer the city.

and trust me.. i've had the zrx deep in the triple digits for more than a few minutes.. and.. well.. i'd rather stand inna hail storm than do it all the time.. the wind blast is too much.

nakeds are tuned for their intended purpose.. punking sportbikes in the city, and i'd have it no other way.

(imho of course)
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anybody see the new super duke....looks and most likely performs much better than the mt-01.

Yup, I like it (except maybe for the orange seat). The RC8 Venom (naked) looks interesting too. Although, I think it's still stuck in its comic book concept stage. I've liked the RC8 since I saw it. Yes, angular, but different in a strange sort of way.

Oh, forgot to mention that the SuperDuke looks A LOT like a Buell XB Lightning. Funny how so many have dismissed Buell yet Eric's little company seem to be becoming quite influential in the motorcycle world.
It's good to see the Vincent Black Shadow make a return, if only through the eyes and manufacturing of Yamaha.
what bike resembles the black shadow...i missed it.
Excellent point and Good discussion

It's the acceleration that is key. I didn't go with these guys cause many laymen don't understand the relationship between Force and acceleration (F=ma) and I agrued with Sean about that but he didn't understand the difference i.e. something at extreme velocity could have zero accelearation thus 0 forces acting on it. I argued that the valve train the float/orverlap thing was the issue. Several discussions in Cycle World discussed why Harley engines couldn't rev high and it was the valve train that was the problem pushroads and valve float.
That would be way cool

Since I owned 2 RX-7s, I always thought the rotary engine got a bad rap. I love it's elegant simplicity. Felix Wankel was a genius.
An aftermarket fairing would not look as clean . Who needs to go 100 mph in first gear on the street ? Besides why spend all that money to modify an existing motorcycle when the factory could do it ? I have already thought about it , but a $13,000 Yamaha does not sound appealing .
Re: That would be way cool

My first car was a '80 RX7. That particular copy was a piece of shiat but when it ran right, whatta load of fun. The intake whoosh through that 4-barrel at 8000 rpm was something else.
Hey aren't you the guy that said that benevolent bureucratic socialism was great? VWW
What the Buell should be.

Yep I posted that but I am sure it won't get past the longride (longnazi) filter. Hot Bike
can't disagree with that..cept come on..

100 in 1st would be the dog's danglies.

I like riding, not one foot tapdancing to keep my powerband.. so buzzers never appealed to me much.. but I have ridden a few and I can see how some/most people love it.

Gimme muscle bikes.. sexy, powerful, bellowing power. again to each their own..

tho.. they can keep that MT over there..

it's a tad on the homely side. imho
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Dogs danglies ? LOL

Are you British by chance ?

Yes it is to each their own . It seemes that the Japanese manufacters are afraid to build a

"naked " bike that even comes close to their top sport bikes . Even though this is what most of us want . It's funny that Aprilia , MV , and others have no problem with it .
Re: Crackerbat

Oops !!! My last post should be in the Re:2005 YAMAHA SUPERSPORTS

Under my first reply to this thread

After Crackerbat's last reply
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