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I hope the MT-01 makes buell put some porsche designed engine to good use.
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Re: Excellent point and Good discussion

There's also the fact that Harleys have small bores for the displacement and two valves per cylinder. Air velocity in the intake ports has to get mighty high to get any real amount of air in at high rpm. More valve area for a given cylinder displacement allows less lift and duration to feed the same amount of air.

Of course, the better metals and design help pistons and rods handle more acceleration than they used to take. Also, you have to assume that even a very aggressive rider isn't going to constantly stay at redline.

Personally, I don't have a clue what kind of mileage can be had from a well-maintained bike engine with any rpm range. Results seem to vary so much as to be meaningless.
Re: Self-defense!

F Yamaha. Any company that designs a motorcycle that requires you remove a pipe to get to change the oil filter is worthless and unfit for future discussion.

Not to mention the fact that the R1 is the most uncomfortable bike in the history of uncomfortable bikes....

I could go on to talk about the fact that you can find smoother trannies at a party at Kpaul's... I could even mention the idiots that put the plugs on the very front of the old FZR engine, just to make sure they got as much debris as possible in the cylinders.

I would never own an Aprilia, or a Yamaha... to me... a motorcycle is only interesting... if it actually runs.
No... That was John Burns... and Kpaul...
Re: Self-defense!

You are joking about the R1, right? It's by far the MOST comfortable of all the liter bikes- it has the highest bars and the lowest pegs. Ask anyone who's actually ridden one.

***** all you want about the V Star 1100 design, but the simple fact is that the pipe removal adds all of ten minutes to an oil change. BFD. It's funny you would mention this and not complain about the design of every single sportbike on the market, which require you to remove half the bodywork, doubling the work and time spent to accomplish an oil change, not to mention the risk of scratching the bejeesus out of your bodywork when you have it off the bike.

And as far as looking at ten year old designs, there aren't too many worse than any Honda V-4 motorcycle for maintenance, excepting maybe the ST1300. I won't even get into Ducati, as that horse is dead and buried. I also don't understand how you could possible get debris in a cylinder when the plug is in. Maybe you could explain it to me.

Yamaha transmissions are only poor if you've never ridden a Harley, or anything made in Europe (only BMW has made any real progress here in the last few years-the rest really haven't).

It seems like you're really searching here to slam Yamaha by using these pretty weak examples. What's your grudge against them?
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Yama sucks.

I've ridden a 2002 R1 quite a bit. my right leg cramps up every time I get on the dang thing.

As for not complaining about sportbikes, that's probably because the honda sportbike I own allows access to the filter without removing any body work (1000f). Same for the Kawi bikes I've had experience with.

I agree that itialian and harly tannies suck worse, but is that your definition of quality? It's not the worst thing out there, so it must be good?

On the FZR, you don't get debris in there when the plugs are in. The angle of the thing however makes it practically impossible to keep debris from going in when you change the plugs though.

Nitpicky? Sure.. I can take off that pipe in 10 minutes... and it takes 20 seconds to blow all that debris away with my compressor...

I don't think it's nitpicky. I think it shows a lack of attention in the design stage. We all go by our own experiences. Mine with Yamaha and Aprilia have been terrible, while my experiences with Honda and Kawi have been excellent.
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There you go again not reading what I say.

I am a Republican (McCain type). I don't like deficits or stupid wars and support the concept of sepearation of church and state. Gay marriages are OK and I don't care if you believe in God or not. I do believe in God but I won't force my beliefs on you nor will I judge you.. But I think there has to be a government watch dog so I am not a libertarian. I am also pro Gun and pro life . I just think Bush is incompetent.
Re: There you go again not reading what I say.

Newsflash: The vast majority of republicans... Including both Bush, and McCain... are liberals. There are no conservatives anymore. There is only one Bi-Factional Ruling Party. It just disagrees with itself about how far left we should go, and how fast.

What I wrote was based on your previous posts about helmet laws.

on an aside... why don't ya email sometime and tell me where you find the words "Seperation of Church and State" in the Consitution.
Older rotaries are likely wildly unreliable, if they still work at all. The materials for proper combustion chamber sealing hadn't yet been developed, or weren't available at reasonable production prices.

I'd like to see another stab at a rotary-engine bike. The specific horsepower outputs (HP / litre) are quite a bit higher than those for reciprocating engines (you don't have to stop the piston mass and re-accelerate it twice per cycle, or even once per cycle for two-strokes).

You're complaining about not getting the RUNE!?!? Consider yourself lucky.

Re: There you go again not reading what I say.

Poor Kook just doesn't realize that McCain Repuplicans, as well as 99% of the rest of the party are either Socialists, or National Socialists. VWW
The Constitution for Dummies and the Kept Man (egg_beater)

First Amendment to U.S. Constitution

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Man you can't even spell it right egg_beater
Re: There you go again not reading what I say.

Go back to obsure libertarian websites. Also it is Republicans not Repuplicans.
Re: The Constitution for Dummies and the Kept Man (egg_beater)

Where exactly is prase separation on church and state written or implied? Your failure to comprehend the most basic thought process would be amusing if it was an occasional happenstance. You truly are a RePUPlican. VWW
Re: The Constitution for Dummies and the Kept Man (egg_beater)

I think the Supreme Court has made the principle clear via legal precedents, using the 1st Amendment as a base. .... Go ahead and challenge it in court and see how far you get BMW4Play.
Re: The Constitution for Dummies and the Kept Man (egg_beater)

Ah.. SO a few black robes say it says it, so it must say it.

Please explain nancyboy how "Congress Shall Make No Law" has anything to do with State Governments?

I wonder if you are even aware that at the time the Constitution was Ratified 9 states had established State Religions, and continued to keep them for years after.

Didn't teach you that in government school did they?
Re: The Constitution for Dummies and the Kept Man (egg_beater)

Apparently "they" didn't teach him much of anything in school. I suppose Kook would belive red was blue if some activist black robed devil read the tea leaves and found some non existant penumbra to base his theory on. VWW
Re: Self-defense!

If you wanna pick the Big4 company that prides itself on making its bikes as difficult to work on as possible ya gotta go with Honda. In my experince Hondas are most likely to require more special tools and more complex procedures than anyone.

I've never owned a Beemer, so I can't vouch for those.

Kawasaki has been the easiest for me in general of the big4.

Nothing is as easy to work on as Harleys..... and a good thing too!! I can get all the parts I need by following Buz or longride around with a net.
Re: The Constitution for Dummies and the Kept Man (egg_beater)

It seems that the part about allowing the free expression of religion has been cancelled.
Re: The Constitution for Dummies and the Kept Man (egg_beater)

Give him hell Beemer!
Re: Self-defense!

Now see.. Maybe I just know how to pick'em but the two honda's I've got are absolute gem's to work on. 1000 effer is real treat. Real well thought out. Love her.
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