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2006 Aprilia Tuono 1000 R

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What's the point?

In Australia there are fiercly enforced road rules - you just don't ride fast if you want to keep out of jail. So what's the point of a bike this quick? Harley's got it figured with big torque and comfort, not outright speed.
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What a neat bike. Could be the only obtainable current bike that get my gums sweating.

The tuono made it to my final two and didn't get purchased(this time) I just get the feeling it is too much bike for my needs and ability.
Of course. Why didn't I think of that.

Seriously, the wallpaper at Aprilia is very, very, very nice. Very. Nice. Very.

Oops, my med is kicking in.
The one thing I don't get...

...about the Tuono, is why it is often refered to as a "naked" bike. It's a fine bike and looks cool but, it has so many intricate little masks and grilles covering just about every part of the engine, it is by no means, naked.
To me, it looks like an '03 naked SV1000 with a smaller SV1000S fairing. Except for the garish color scheme, it's not ugly by any means but IMHO, it certainly doesn't have looks worthy of the price. It is starting to look a bit "attainable".
I see a HUGE problem with this new Tuono!


I can't afford to trade in my 2003 and get one! :-(
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I wait in the queue

Where the sun never shines

I wait in the queue Ya da

til the shadows chase

something from my mind

Why can't my kid figure out that song?

Back to reality, what does this weigh?


The magnesium, I believe, amounts to cam and clutch covers. The real OZ wheels were incredible--won't work on my Futurama.
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Dang! That's the purtiest Tuono yet.
I think that the marketing guys made a gaff. The late-teens/early-twenties set are primarily interested in crotch rockets and garish paint. Naked bikes appeal to the 35-and-uppers; these buyers prefer low-key paint jobs in order to avoid too much attention from Officer Friendly. Unfortunately, that pictured paint scheme will scare away a lot of prospective buyers (shallow, yes, but we do live in a material world). Aprilia loses out... and so do a lot of real motorcyclists. So, be smart Aprilia, and make sure some version of 'magnet grey' is still offered.
Yes, but does the FZ1 have a neat little fan that blows hot air like Ahnold after you shut it off?

(if you can't tell yet, I've just completed several round-the-block trips on my new city cross)

Hahahhah, can you say "Locomotive"? sure you can...
Re: The one thing I don't get...

Ive wondered that myself. I can see as much motor on a race rep as this one.
Two questions:


How Much?

I think this will be my next bike.
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May and $12999 -- the dealership in my area is only taking orders with a $1k deposit.
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