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Interesting stuff. Too bad we'll get 457 new varieties of cruisers before we see just about any of these zesty entries. But who am I to scoff? The know nothings really need another version of the VistaBlaster Roadmeister 1900 in Hydrargyrum Liquid Silver with the Non Liquet Windscreen.

Been keepin' an eye on that tasty Morini - thank you, BIKE Mag!. New issue of CW sez no, it ain't coming to Murrica. Yoseff sez it is maybe in '08 or '09. Good. I'm still kicking myself for not buying one of those cool flathead (heron head??) Morini's back in the dim, dark, cold of the Carter years. Now where did I leave than can 'o Billy? And I wonder if that old "Brooksgate" Khaki poplin suit still fits? And I could see if I still have my "John Dean" special owl glasses. I'll just get the mighty Betamax out and put in one of Annette Haven's best and we'll finally have the good times a-rollin' again. HELLO 20% interest rates!!

Ohhh...the meds are kicking in.

Back to reality: Great article. Excellent use of facts/data.

Halliburton! Rove! Cheney! Shotguns!
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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