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2006 Honda 599

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So do I get this correctly, admission price still includes a bolt to the swingarm shock?
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First to Post!? I think I'll keep my SV650.
Great test. Wonder why they can't get the non-linked rear end to work? Cheap shock?

83 RWHP for a mild 600. Not too shabby. Oh Popeye!

Neato. HEY SUZUKI! If you bring the GSR-600 here, you'll sell at least one! Now I seriously want to know how the GSR compares to the 599. Daggum Euro-peons...

Re: 2006 Honda 599...Honda has lost it's way.

The price is way too high. I bought a new current year ZRX1200R for less! The bike uses old tech and has no real "features", per say.

I am a "Honda guy" and have owned no less than 18 Honda bikes, 7 cars, 2 lawn mowers and a generator. Their entire 2006 street line is overpriced, ugly, has medeocre performance and is leaving the door wide open for the Chinese to kick their ass. They need the thrilling products like the old CBX (how bout an update?) the original Interceptor and CBR900. Where is the excitement...not in the 599 or even their "also-ran" CBR1000RR (should be called the CBR1000ZZZZZzzzz)

I have to vent because they can do better. The damn 919 should cost $6995 and the 599...$6195...Honda, GET REAL!!!
Its reliable, functional, well priced and performs satisfactory in its utilitarian role as a courier riders’ favourite mount. It’s the perfect appliance. Apart from that, it’s drab, boring and lacks any kind of style or personality.
Re: 2006 Honda 599...Honda has lost it's way.

Overpriced? Honda? Shutyermouth. Everyone knows that Honda's oh so vastly superior quality justifies them selling 800s for more than an 1150 and 250cc scooters sans bodywork for $5 freaking thousand dollars. Why, I have a vastly superior Honda's in my garage right now, with a leaky radiator.

Honda lost it years ago. Soichiro is spinning at 14,000 rpm.
I hate to defend the increasingly corporate Honda, but why on earth should Honda upgrade the naked 599? No one is going to buy one any way. Even the Bandit1200, arguably the best deal in motorcycles, has been dropped. It doesn't meet Americans' demand for porkladencruisers or senselesslyuncomfortablesportbikes.
If anybody really wants one but doesn't like the price, all they have to do is wait awhile and they'll be able to buy one at the price it should have been in the first place.
I like the Honda 599. So there. I'm not buying one, because I'm not in the market for a new bike but I'd look at it if I were shopping.

The rejectionist front is disappointing to me because the catcalls are aimed not only at the price ( which can reasonably be labelled as too high) but because the technology is old fashioned. How many of us really can outride motorcycles powered into infinity and framed with unobtanium and sprung on 25th century suspension?

I can't.
Have You Ridden One?

I haven't met anyone who's ridden one who didn't fall in love. Like me, it's expensive but worth it and they'll sell every one they have.
I Agree with You...

My Triumph is heavier and no more powerful than the 599 but it has plenty of performance for me, except at track days.

Old-fashioned technology. Overpriced. Huh. That sounds a lot like how people characterize Harley Davidson, yet they sell most of the street motorcycles sold every year in the US! And they are a LOT more expensive than a lowly 599! But that's OK?

I don't get it.
I'm with you on that one! In Canada we

have a 7 or 8 month riding season, which does

make for some screamin' deals come January

on "lightly used" sport bikes with about 3K kms

on the clock. And I've lost count of the number

of 2+ year old cruisers I've seen with less than

2,0000 kms on 'em for sale at close to list

because "Hey - I hardly even rode the thing!".

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Re: Limited production

They are only making 3?
Re: I Agree with You...

"That sounds a lot like how people characterize Harley Davidson, yet they sell most of the street motorcycles sold every year in the US!"

More than any other single brand I'd agree with.
I do have to agree with an earlier post about the boring factor honda has with many models. The 599 much like the 919 is just missing something......or too much appliance added. The problem lies with the fact it does exactly what a "standard" should do, therefore, people price shop and the most expensive boring bike comes out last.

Civics don't make car nuts sweaty, but they have their place.
Re: 2006 Honda 599...Honda has lost it's way.

Agreed! Honda has been putting out hideously ugly standards. I own a CB1000, and you can pry it from my cold, dead hands. Honda is not building real standards, but I can't exactly blame them. No one seems to buy them. The CB1000, such a hot seller in Europe, made it two years here before they pulled the plug. People over here in the US are stupid, and they continue to buy the useless crotch rockets that they can't ride for the street. But I am simply saying what Gabe's manifesto from a while back said perfectly. But I do weep for the lack of a real standard from Honda.
Re: 2006 Honda 599...Honda has lost it's way.

I believe the reason no-one buys standards is simple: EGO. My ZRX1200R gets yawns from my sportbike buddies for being old school (until my slightly modified ZRX easily keeps with their R-1 in the street drags...). I get chuckles from my Harley buddies for driving a "retro rice burner". (Retro?!?they should talk...)

I loved the CB1000 and with small mods, it rips.

I would like to see a new Honda standard in the spirit of the original naked CBX. Give it a nice 1400cc DOHC W/C 6, Fuel injection, and don't nueter it for torque. Keep it naked with a real seat. Make it high quality and price it accordingly...say $13000 with radial/wave brakes and OHLINS/or similar grade suspension. Offer a complete line of accesories (somthing the Japanese with the exception of Yamaha fail to do) including small bikini fairing, sporty hard luggage that works and fits well, options of mid or euro controls (like the old CB900F). Honda, can you hear us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: 2006 Honda 599...Honda has lost it's way.

That,s why I bought an old school v65 sabre.I guess if they made one today ,it would a bundle with all the features it has.Ohh wait a minute they made something called a Bol'Dor,which looks a lot like the sabre,just priced a whole lot more.Boring names,boring bikes!
Re: 2006 Honda 599...Honda has lost it's way.

I'd buy an updated CBX any day, even if Suzuki, Yamaha, or Kawasaki made it.
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