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2006 Kawasaki models?

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The ZX-14R looks like a great beginner bike!
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I cant wait to see this supposed Supermono bike. Hopefully it will combine high-tech frame and suspension tech with a decent purchase price.
It looks like 200HP and 200MPH (with chip) have arrived. Kawasaki has insisted on having the fastest bike for over 30 years now. When the Buza came out Kawasaki had to settle for the 300 KPH limit as well and had to content themselves with doing it with a more nimble bike using less displacement. Seems like a draw was unacceptable, this bike will clearly be the most powerful production bike on the planet.

Only the craziest of the crazies (know a few of em) could argue that more than the cornucopia of power the Buza and ZX-12R produce is needed or possibly even desired IMHO. Most anyone that has ridden either of these ICBM's knows what I'm talking about.

With more power comes more heat and the need for more stability. I will be interested in reading the tests with an emphasis on it's comfort and handling. I would like to see one in person (the pictures don't overly excite me). As is the ZX-12R is the Most I could envision.
What are you talking about, the '06 is 2 pounds lighter and comes in white. What, did you expect Honda to improve the most ignored vfr generation yet.

Man, I was wishing for 130hp 1000cc & 520lbs wet.
.JATO untrue? Damn!nowI gotta go and do it!.I, ll wait for the Boost King myself,unless that,s another urban legend,damn!
Well, if you can put any stock in the press release at all (gack!), it goes on pretty extensively about how agile it is. I agree that this thing looks way big and heavy, but I guess we'll have to see if they moved the class standard any further ahead.

And about the ZX-12, I understand that the subtle revision they did a couple of years back did improve it significantly. You've got the first version which had more flaws. But no, it won't work like a liter bike.
There have been a couple of pics that show parts of a new bike that are rumored to be a hyper-VFR/XX replacement. From the little I've heard from Honda, I doubt you'll see it this year. (But you never know.) Apparently they're gearing up for a big 2007 model year with lots of new stuff.

One can only hope after the cricket-inducing line-up for '06.
YYYYYYAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!![Little John] If you go to and then click on their international website,click on united kingdom ,you will see the zzr 1400 in all it,s glory including spec,s.colors etc! As I am a government employee,I feel I put your tax dollars to good use,instead of to people that hate us!
I think the comments about weight are unfair - I'm sure a lighter bike is possible, but the engineering and materials necessary to make that happen mean more expense which means a (possibly much) higher price.

That's why Harleys are so expensive - the motor company charges a lot, but they invest that money in making light, responsive machines!
BWHHHHAHAHAHAHAH!Iwas drinking water and almost croaked!
New GSXR pictures

Well I went and looked that Austrailian site you posted the other day and found some more pictures that show a stubby exhaust on the new Suzuki

Thanks a cool site thanks.
It would be nice if it came over unrestricted somehow and could touch 200 mph just to have someone reach that magic number. And if it just happens to be Kawasaki so much the better:) Looks fairly comfy. Hopefully they kept it light. Would like to see 500 pounds all juiced up, but that's doubtfull. Still, being a Kawasaki fan since day 1, I can't wait to see a road test on this beast!
If the 192 bhp mark is true (and depending on whether or not that measurement takes into account Ram Air), I think that this bike will probably hit 200mph with a restrictor-eliminator.

IIRC, before they mandated the 186mph governer, the Hayabusa was knocking on 200mph's door, with 25-30 fewer horsepower.

I'm aware of the law of diminishing returns, an extra 30hp might not be enough to nudge it over the 200mph mark, but if anyone can do it, its Kawasaki. Ram-air + wind tunnel research = good top speed charachteristics.
A Supermono? What's that about?

Speaking of Thumpers I sat on one of the new Aprilia Pegaso Stradas today at the local purveyor of italiano moto-porn, I was very impressed. Uses a 660 cc single, really light weight bike
I heard 192HP was quoted for the ZZR1300, I'm guessing 200HP for the ZX-14R.
Oh yeah, the looks of the Red one are growing on me...
Looks are deceiving, the ZX14 is not as big as its styling suggests. It is between the 12R and the 'busa.

The styling, well what can I say, the 'busa is butt ugly and sells well.

Where has anyone read that the ZX14 is speed restricted?

The 186 mph is voluntary, so who says Kawi actually followed it.
I would like to see the manufacturers focus more on improving suspension, weight reduction, and fuel delivery. Brute power in itself isn't always that usable but I do like what Suzuki and Kawasaki are doing with their liter bikes. At least they're focusing on making the overall bike experience more usable with excellent power characteristics. That said, it will be interesting to see the straight line results.
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