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2006 “Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest”

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Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

Dear MO-

I never believed the contest submissions you received were real, until I had a mind-blowing experience I'd like to share with your readers.

I was riding my ZX6R Ninja (the finest, most perfect motorcycle on the planet) to the gym when the biodiesel car in front of me lost its drainpan and spewed french-fry grease all over the road. As the bike slid out from under me and I slid into the sticky goo, I couldn't help thinking what a totally awesome alternative energy source this would be for people who are not me. Then I blacked out as an errant french fry had made its way into my throat, cutting off my breathing and, even more frightening, making it impossible for me to opine aloud, as I often do when I have no keyboard available.

I came to after receiving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from none other than the delectable Eric Bostrom! (who is a far superior rider than his V-Twin-riding brother, Ben). Eric looked deep into my grease-filmed eyes and said, "You look like a well-educated, super-intelligent Pacific Northwest blue-stater. Would you like to attend my track school?"

I couldn't believe it! It's been my dream, or at least much-talked-about vague plan, to attend a track school!

"Sure!" I said. "What do I have to do?"

"Well, first, you have to help me with my plan to impeach George Bush. Do you know that he has presided over the worst 5.6-year economic downturn in American history since 1992? And that he has squandered the good will of the international community which loved us so much before he stole the 2000 election by using Halliburton employees to mislead Dade County voters into voting for Whitman Mayo instead of Al Gore on a caterpillar ballot designed by Jack Abramoff with the assistance of..."

"Oh, God!" I screamed, as a thunderous orgasm ripped through me.

Biodiesel rocks.

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Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

Contest is over. You win by a fuggin landslide.
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

Oh dear god, that was funny!
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

You forgot about how impressed Eric would be with his MSF scores.
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

schizuki rules! I concede prior to initial effort! No 70's Z-1 stories, no "Kawasaki Rolls the Good Times Up" stories from me.

Motion: schizuki wins!

Second anyone?
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"


DAMN!!! I coulda been a contenda'!!!
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

1- After Kawasaki removed SA from MO we should ALL be there.

2- If I never had a good experience on a Kawi, can I write a story anyway and just change the name of the bike where applicable?

3- If I win, I'll also need 2 5'8"-5'10" 110lb'ish umbrella girls for the length of the visit.
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

I'd love to vote for you too but you live all the way across the country and the airfare would exceed the MO budget.

I think Ashely's got her eyes on a $39 Southwest airlines fare from San Diego.'s my story:

I rode a Concours once. Out of all the motorcycles I've ever ridden, it was one of them.

The End!
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Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

What about a ZX-12 ride?
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

Ok well I've ridden a ZX12 at a very high rate of speed in the desert and wheelied a ZZR1200 into a gas station while a biker chick watched.

I can sing the old theme song, "Kawasaki let's the good times roll!"
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

Psh. Just give me gas money from Sac and I'm there. I've never even ridden a Kawi, how completely unbiased would that be? I could be De-Kawisaki-virginized for all to see.
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

Thanks, guys!

I don't think I'll win, based on the fact that I didn't actually enter. And the story didn't happen to me. And Kawasaki's PR guys would sooner commit seppuku than be associated with this post. And my handle is "schizuki."

But so what. A "4; Humorous" rating and your kind props are all I need. Sniff. Please pass me a tissue...
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

Your little Kpaul piece is without a doubt the funniest post I've ever read on this site.
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

Pah! The big guy at Kawasaki is footing the ticket... Dale Alexander, come on down! You're our surprise winner! ;-)
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

If only it wouldn't seem Sooo Rigged!

The Kawasaki people thinking to themselves "Who IS this guy???" AND why do WE have to keep supplying him with (Good) food and drink???!!!

Alas, I am generally without shame and would be undisturbed by this but MO's Sterling Reputation would without doubt be besmirched! This is just too much and I couldn't possibly condone such a thing!!!

(Unless I could somehow go, of course)
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

You got my vote!

The poor spelling and grammar clause pretty much rules out the real KP anyway.
Re: Rules

But he's edumacated!
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