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2006 “Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest”

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Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

Dear MO-

I never believed the contest submissions you received were real, until I had a mind-blowing experience I'd like to share with your readers.

I was riding my ZX6R Ninja (the finest, most perfect motorcycle on the planet) to the gym when the biodiesel car in front of me lost its drainpan and spewed french-fry grease all over the road. As the bike slid out from under me and I slid into the sticky goo, I couldn't help thinking what a totally awesome alternative energy source this would be for people who are not me. Then I blacked out as an errant french fry had made its way into my throat, cutting off my breathing and, even more frightening, making it impossible for me to opine aloud, as I often do when I have no keyboard available.

I came to after receiving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from none other than the delectable Eric Bostrom! (who is a far superior rider than his V-Twin-riding brother, Ben). Eric looked deep into my grease-filmed eyes and said, "You look like a well-educated, super-intelligent Pacific Northwest blue-stater. Would you like to attend my track school?"

I couldn't believe it! It's been my dream, or at least much-talked-about vague plan, to attend a track school!

"Sure!" I said. "What do I have to do?"

"Well, first, you have to help me with my plan to impeach George Bush. Do you know that he has presided over the worst 5.6-year economic downturn in American history since 1992? And that he has squandered the good will of the international community which loved us so much before he stole the 2000 election by using Halliburton employees to mislead Dade County voters into voting for Whitman Mayo instead of Al Gore on a caterpillar ballot designed by Jack Abramoff with the assistance of..."

"Oh, God!" I screamed, as a thunderous orgasm ripped through me.

Biodiesel rocks.

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Sarnali: really, that seems beneath you

I would be hurt, if I gave a ***** about the MOrons.

"You guys understand I don't give one flying *****"

Unlikely! But, okay, fine -- you're one mellow cat.

I'm tempted to say it makes me sad, given our common affection for the pixies, that we are at such loggerheads. Alas, it does not.

What loggerheads? Hey, I just think that even though you may not "start shiat"*, you usually deploy what diplomats would call a "disproportionate response". If it's rightwingers that twist your titties; that ain't me, except to the extent that I think your "coming for you righties with a rope" comment way back was odious and creepy.

Personally, I'd be weary, being so **** with-an-axe-handle **** pig-**** bilious all the time. I guess it takes all kinds.

* dylanmo neither endorses nor denies this claim
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

No the Democrats don't do it for free. They tend to use our tax dollars to f*&k things up, just like the Repulicans.
Figured you were a punk.....

...with a big mouth. Sorry coward, but you didn't answer the call when called out. I figured as much. Just wanted to make it clear to all that read this what a true coward you are. I never suggested anything but posting your personal info, and somehow you managed to hide in the corner AGAIN. All you are is a 3rd party shyt starter with no guts to back up his big mouth. Looks like another one bites the dust chickenshyt. Looks like MO won big time when you didn't take the job. At least they have people that aren't afraid to show their face.
Re: Figured you were a punk.....

Tell me, I'm curious: why do you want my name and address? Are you really 'calling me out'? Like in high school? That is so cool.

If you can make a good argument for outing myself on a flamewar bbs where a variety of tinpot dictators have called me a variety of unsavory names, I'll do it. Acting like a schoolyard bully isn't going to work. Let me rephrase: why on earth would I ever put that information out into the public domain? It just doesn't make any sense.

We may agree that the Republicans are pushing us left, but there is where we part ways. I thought schizuki captured the essence of kpauls silliness on this site in a humorous and clever way.
Re: Someone needs to


For a guy who doesn't care what is thought here, "fastoldman" sure spends a lot of time not caring.

Hmmm. Curious. But not curious enough for me to write one more...

When you have to constantly remind people that you don't give a crap what anyone thinks, one could surmise you really worry about what everyone thinks.
Re: Figured you were a punk.....

Like I said, you are a typical internet coward, plain and simple. Call people lots of names and hide behind your keyboard. What are you afraid of? You know everything about me. I'm not scared in the least. Anyone can find me anytime they like, and I don't lose one wink of sleep. I can't understand why someone who I never had word one to say to on this forum has such good things to say about me. Anyone I talk to on this forum doesn't need your help including kpaul, so please don't use that lame excuse. You ain't no hero. Don't stand up for them, stand up for yourself. I want to know who you are, and you are too chicknshyt to tell me. Typical of the liberal a$$holes of the world. All talk, and no action. I'm no bully in this one. You came here looking for a fight. Well, you found one, and now you are stuttering and shyting in your pants when I called your bluff. Bet you been a pu$$y since you could walk. Time to give me a name, or move on coward.
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Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

Sorry, it has been the best 5.6 years in my career finacially. Bought more bikes, afforded more racing and travel. Costs a little more to drive my 7.4 liter SUV while towing my race trailer around, but it is offset by less taxes taken out of my pay check.

I hope to get in as much motorcycling as possible before I have to start footing the tax bill for higher wellfare, immigration and healthcare costs for those that don't really want to have jobs in the first place. And don't forget all of the green weenies closing down all of our access to enjoy the sport we love.

I think I'll stick to the Kevin Schwantz school and stay red .... thanks anyway.

As far as Kawasaki goes .... well each to his own.
Re: Figured you were a punk.....

"I'm not scared in the least."

What could you possibly be scared of, douchebag? It's a freaking bbs! We don't do anything scary here, by definition. That's why its called the internets. You want to be scared, you should get off your computer and go down to the bar acting like you act here. Calling me a coward. Jesus H, what a hypocrite.

"You came here looking for a fight." Don't be a bigger idiot than necessary. I'm clearly not the one trolling for a fight. Only you don't really want one, do you? If you did, you'd just go out and find one. Instead, you're hurling anonymous insults on a chatboard. Very tough.

"Bet you been a pu$$y since you could walk. Time to give me a name, or move on coward."

Oh my god, now I am really embarassed. You really did it that time. Now I definitely feel like a fool. I have been called a coward by an anonymous asswipe. That hurts.

Newsflash: I don't see your information pasted all over this site. Your legend seems a tad greater in your own head than anywhere else. You appear to think that all of us in MOland know your freaking cell phone number, while I am hiding behind this crazy anonymity that naturally comes from an internet bulletin board. I don't know shyte about you other than you're the resident prick. Congratulations.

It's still a free country, pal, last I checked. I am allowed to come here as often or as little as I want, and to say whatever the hell I want. The beauty part for me is, even if you start ignoring me again, I'll know from here on out that every time I respond to your little obnoxious act I am raising your blood pressure.
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Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

I had a Kawasaki. It was a KLR650. I rode on the street. I road in the dirt. I had fun. Nuff said.
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

Out there
Re: 2006 "Kawasaki Fantasy Racing Weekend Contest"

And.................the winner is?
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