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2006 Motorcycle Land Speed Record on SPEED Channel.

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Uh oh. They'd better cancel this land speed record stuff because, you know, speed kills.
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What a pisser. Break a record that stands for 16 years and lose it in two days. Must have been that last mouse you killed, ant you stepped on or something. Major bad karma somewhere. Go hug your mom, sacrifice a goat and donate to the kitten orphanage.
what about that guy who was aiming for 259 mph on that little public road out in Utah somewhere? Distinct record for public roadways?
DVR'd. Also saw Canadian Motocross just before both and DVR'd them too. Gotta make it through the "off season" somehow, Canadian Moto-X works great.

Joining the 200MPH Club on a bike is high on my lifes to do list. Until I make it back to Bonneville, with a purpose, shows like this keep that fire burnin'.
I was a small part of a Team that set 8 World Records using 4 motorcycles over three days. For a moment you and your Team are the best in the World at something, two days, two seconds, it will last a lifetime. Not that 20 years wouldn't be better ;-)
AMA Supercross at Toronto 6PM 12/3 Speed Channel as well.
"Like falling out of an airplane without a chute -- never hurt anybody . . .

until they HIT the ground."

Now that's a good attitude. Put it in a bottle and ship it to me, would you please?
What brand of DVR are you using? Or are you using the Comcast DVR. I want one for Christmas.
Yes Speed kills

Another person that needs a "speed" lesson. click here

Do the math the faster the speed the more kinetic energy the more violent the collision. It's that simple folks
I had to go DirectTV (providers of the DVR) satellite plus upgrade because the crappy "cable" around here doesn't even offer Speed Channel. Next time around I'll go TiVo, just like Sean said to, they have some better features.
I wish, alas, I was mostly a salt scrapper and push starter (I was also in charge of asking stupid questions but I was 14 and gave all I had). It doesn't take much to be a part of something good if you look at things a certain way, and I do.
billy lane bj

according to my friend Jim who listens to SIRIUS, Billy Lane was being blown when he killed the guy on the scooter. So that's a good excuse to take to court, no?
Re: billy lane bj

"Yer Honor- Sorry about that addidental death but the Hummer wasn't shifting right ;)
NOT really

Even if the record only lasts for 1 hour, you're in the record books forever!

Fortune and Glory!
Re: Yes Speed kills

You are a fruitcake. With blueberry icing.
Only speeds attained on public roads really count..Ive seen an indicated 191mph
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