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2006 R6 mechanically capable of 17,500rpm?

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Who cares??
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If it was just an unintentional miscommunication between marketing and engineering, how did the tach get involved? As I recall, the excrement hit the fan when it was found that the Yamaha tach was indicating 17,500, while actual revs measured independently was 16,200. Is that not correct, testers?
Re: Talk About Old News!

Thought this was old news. Didn't Yamaha offer to buy back these bikes including taxes and fees from any disatisfied owners?
Who gives rat’s behind! If all the techno junkies spent as much time riding their motorcycles as they do wining about some insignificant technical misinterpretations, they could be out there actually enjoying real life. At the end of the day probably 30% of R6 riders are capable of hanging on at 12000rpm let alone having the potential to take them out to 17500rpm.
if you're riding on the street...

who cares...17,500 revs on the illegal side of the law!

v-twin torque = instant speed

I equate revving the nuts off a bike to get power to jiggling the handle of a condom machine when the supermodel loses interest while waiting and leaves...the moment is gone forever.

By the time you downshift and twist, I'm gone and around the next bend in my 18 year old hawk gt.
Speaking of the R6, were our happy MOrons excluded from the Demo at Willow Springs recently? 2wf and Motorcycle Daily have their impressions up for a week now.
Who the hell cares about a guy in Denver with a Magna? Damn!
Re: if you're riding on the street...

You are dreaming!

You must be jiggling your handle.

bend over, I'll show ya the next bend!
It matters to them because at only 16,200 rpm the new R6 is clearly just a girls bike and is probably a really good bike for begginers too. Yep, it now has the stigma of being an entry level bike.
Re: if you're riding on the street...

"...bend over, I'll show ya the next bend!"

So you think he's wrong about his old Honda Hawk being able to out-torque an R6 off the line, and you're offering to correct his misapprehension through the liberal application of gay sex?

MO has held for a couple of years now the editorial direction of waiting a bit, when it seems prudent, so as to obtain a longer and more complete test, and, when necessary, to enable themselves to dispell rumors, even those rumors arising from other magazines' tests. This has been especially true of high-hype new models.

But when the MO Files report, you can take their assertions to the bank. Yes, it sometimes takes a bit longer, but you usually get a review of the model in question, along with a "review of the reviews" if you will.

In this instance, how many dead-tree mags went to the Barnes 'N' Noble before RPM-gate broke? If that's an important issue for you, and if you use magazine review to help inform your buying decision, then congratulations, you mayhave already won a screwing of the pooch. MO's stance on article timing, and gues editors, and some other things, is part of what makes them better.

Well, that, and the half-dozen sections of the site that aren't ever updated. Kidding! Guys, don't ban me! I'll get that other guy to "show you round the next bend" when you're lonely, just don't ban me!
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Re: if you're riding on the street...

Yes, you need some too?
Re: if you're riding on the street...

With this branching of the tree, I'm reminded of what Jesse "The Ego" Ventura's character did during the chopper scene in "Predator" - established the fact that those surrounding him were all Raging Homosexuals, then offered to increase their Libido......

"You buncha Fsckin' [email protected]! - This stuff will make you into a [email protected] Sexual Ty-RAN-O-Saurus!"

"Stick THIS in your Sore A$$, Blaine!"

Only, this so-called "conversation" seems to be taking the opposite tack.
Re: Patience

"MO has held for a couple of years now the editorial direction of waiting a bit"

Yes, this appears to be the case now, but on their top ten reasons to purchase a subscription, they list being able to beat the newsrack as one of their best selling points. As of late, this has not proven to be true. Ironic that MO is advertising something and not delivering, just like something about a Yamaha redline.

Through the month of January, I felt like I was paying this site for links to news stories on other sites. Hopefully Sean is gonna step it up and not have to re-write his R6 article a few times before going to press rather than making us wait another two months.
Re: Patience

Also it seems that both MODaily and 2wf might have purchased the articles from Euro journalists that also published the same article in Euro mags.

Nothing wrong with that, but it seems that if MO grabs a Euro journalist it is for MO's use only.

MODaily's article seemed a bit short, too.

I could be wrong, so no need to stomp on my [email protected] if I am.
Once again, the obsession with wannabe hyper-performance spec's, having nothing to do with real world motorcycling. Short of track day's, which 99% of us will never be able to access or afford on a regular basis, where can U wring out 17.5K at whatever ludicrous speed that would translate to, and not be either on your way to the lockup or the hospital?
Agreed. And furthermore, the scandalous discrepancy is between 16,200 and 17,500 rpm. 1,300 rpm, at the extreme top end...on a 600. That's gotta be a difference of, what?, 3 or 4 whole, entire horsepower.

Let's pick a random gear, say third gear. Can anyone figure up what the theorhetical speed of the bike is at 16,200 rpm? and at 17,500? How much "performance" are we really talking about here?

A$$less chaps are part of an alternative lifestyle I can't support, though you'd be the first Hawk rider I've known to wear them.

I do own a sweet set of arm chaps, though! Fringe and everything.

And in conclusion, I'd just like to remind the American people that YOUR MOM!
Speed isn't a matter of rpm, it's a matter of power. A 600 that produced peak power at 16200rpm, assuming typical modern compression ratio, would make about 105hp. A 150hp bike with just a typical sportbike/roadracer fairing and the rider in full tuck will reach about 150mph. Of course we don't know that the R6 produces peak power at 16200rpm, only that it will rev that high before the rev-limiter kicks in - but it's probably close.
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