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I was coming out of my clinic,going to get on my v-65 sabre,when I saw a new r-6[anniversary yellow]sitting there .Brand new,just the paper plates on it,less than a week old.So I wait around, and about 20 minutes later,the "squid" comes out all decked out in the latest fashion leathers,etc.So we got to talking and I asked him "How long have you been riding?" He replies"Oh I just got my license three weeks ago"Holding back my laughter,Iasked him if I could take it for a ride.Being,black,I guess he thought I was going to hold him up,but I gave him the keys to my sabre and off I went.Came back 15 minutes later ,handed him the keys,and told him to enjoy his ride.My impression? Don,t matter if it tachs out at 10,000,12,000,20,000,50,000.The thing is scarey fast,way too fast for me without some months riding it around SLOWLY.Glad I gave up emergency room work,I would expect to see him soon.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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