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2006 Sprint ST vs 2006 Honda VFR. Which One?

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Definitey the Sprint. Both are very good Sport Touring bikes, but ever since Honda added variable valves to the VFR (in 2003?), the VFR has suffered from lots of criticism re: throttle response and lumpy power delivery. The Sprint, on the other hand, was significantly updated last year and given a bigger, smoother three cylinder. The only criticisms of the Sprint seem to be engine heat managment (cooks your legs in hot weather) and poor side luggage (something Triumph was going to fix this year - not sure if they did). Plus I think the Sprint is much nicer looking - IMHO.
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Yeah, I love my VFR, but if I were to get a new(er) sport touring bike, I think it would be the ST3. The valve intervals are out to 12k now, I hear, and there are only six of them. Well over a hundred horsepower, and probably easier to find dealers than Triumph.
Bigger engine, and bring back the cam gear whine!
Re: They're both great

See Busa 9999999999 for enlightenment, no wait, that's another one. Has anyone seen my keys?
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