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2006 Sprint ST vs 2006 Honda VFR. Which One?

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Definitey the Sprint. Both are very good Sport Touring bikes, but ever since Honda added variable valves to the VFR (in 2003?), the VFR has suffered from lots of criticism re: throttle response and lumpy power delivery. The Sprint, on the other hand, was significantly updated last year and given a bigger, smoother three cylinder. The only criticisms of the Sprint seem to be engine heat managment (cooks your legs in hot weather) and poor side luggage (something Triumph was going to fix this year - not sure if they did). Plus I think the Sprint is much nicer looking - IMHO.
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Thanks for a great question and responses. I am between bikes and have seriously considered both of these motorcycles when I finish my hot rod. I am leaning towards the VFR, but then a Triumph is just so cool. Having never ridden either, that is obviously the most important part of the decision. I'll probably buy used, as the car project is sucking me dry like some sort of a four wheel vampire. I am not sure how I'll talk myself into getting rides on these motorcycles...
Sorry for the late response. Mine is a 1964 Ford Falcon Convertible - I call it a hot rod 'cause that is easier. And you are right, the best financial way to go is to buy an older restoration or someone’s failed kit car project. People buy these and get discouraged and oft times, a person with cash on hand can get a great deal. In my case, I'll probably have $40,000- $50,000 in it over the years, yes years, I have been working on it. I am sure I could have bought a similar project for half that. But before I croak, I wanted to do a complete build up once in my life.
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