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2006 USGP TV Ratings on Speed Revealed

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first....i am reading this correctly? 82,000 households watched the race...almost equal to as many attended it? viewership cant be this

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I wonder how many hits received from US based IP addresses ...
Well lets not forget Speed spends almost zero promoting any of the motorcycle racing. The only ads I ever see are for Superbikers.
Re: Red Fox

"I am fiscal conservative social liberal "

That's lots of words. Just use 'nutcase'. It will save your typing fingers.
Re: Red Fox

"The word 'liberal' has become the modern version of leprosy"

Thank Bill Clinton, Hillary, and all the Hollywood nutcases for that moniker. Oh yeah, JB and KPaul ain't exactly helping your case either.
Re: Red Fox

So Bill and Hillary invented the moniker "liberal?" Methinks you have an interesting sense of reality.
Re: Red Fox

Methinks you need a reading comprehension course.
This is off subject, as the thought of SpeedTV turning into all NASCAR all the time, is, frankly depressing to the extreme.

And speaking of extreme. KP did you see that your Buell finished 9th on Sunday at Mid Ohio?

I'm surprised you aren't crowing about that?
Re: Red Fox

I don't know when you decided McCain was a social liberal. He's not.
True, but not nearly enough to justify displacing NASCAR or some of their other programming like some people suggest.

The ABC broadcast was at 1:00 pm.
Re: Red Fox

Liberal, conservative, left wing, right wing... ain't a nickel's difference between the two. Both have become overbearing and authoritarian and can't pass new laws fast enough. "Diversity" means that people of different colors all chant the same brain dead slogans. Less government means more government. Right wing guest speakers need armed guards at the Universities that are so sanctimonius about their "open mindedness". "Conservatives" spend money in a fashion that would insult a drunken sailor. Peaceniks are renowned for their use of death threats against their opposition.

Truly we are seeing the death of reason.

Scrag 'em all.
We didn't get our bonus's yet so he probably still has the Kawi.....
1:00pm Eastern is 11:00 AM Mountain time. We don't get programming delays here. I was chewing up rubber over the Wasatch mountains during the race broadcast. I ain't plopped in front of the tube on Sundays.

That is, until Football season starts!
Re: Red Fox

For McCain you can just use "nutcase" too, to save typing.
Re: Red Fox

Thanks for the tip
yep wife wants to buy new stuff for the house.. Major power struggle.. Need to get to the mail box first...Back up plan is paint Ninja black and chrome the wheels...I guess there is a guy in Federal that does it..
Just go buy the damn thing and it will already be in the garage when she gets home from yoga class or whatever.

If WA is like CA there is no cooling off period. You might have to sleep on the couch for a couple of nights but a new moto is certainly worth that.

See what you get for being a "social liberal?" A neo-con would buy it and make her go out and wash it in between preparing dinner.
Re: Red Fox

"The word 'liberal'

Longride wrote:

Thank Bill Clinton, Hillary, and all the Hollywood nutcases for that moniker.

Saddlebag wrote:

So Bill and Hillary invented the moniker "liberal?"

So which part did I fail to comprehend Mark Twain?
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Ohhhh,Maaaan! i thought for once you were actually gonna DO something instead of talking about it. Is your freddie Spencer school scheduled yet? maybe MO can have you do a story on it.
"i thought for once you were actually gonna DO something instead of talking about it. "

He's a liberal, ain't he?
We (Bueller's) can't help ourselves. The thrill of a finish, as well as in the top 10 is almost like winning (well sorta).
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