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2006 USGP TV Ratings on Speed Revealed

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first....i am reading this correctly? 82,000 households watched the race...almost equal to as many attended it? viewership cant be this

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Re: Red Fox

Truer word were never spoken. But please not so much common sense or we won't have the flames back and forth that are so entertaining. lol
You know, I just went an entire work week without watching the tube. I don't think I missed a thing.

I DID ride and work on my newly restored SL350 a lot, though.
You can set your watch for the time of day by listening to freaking Classic Rock. Pink Floyd "Money" = 10:00 AM. Lynrd Skynrd "Freebird" = 10:04 AM. Dire Straits = "Money for Nothing" = 10:08 AM. Commercial. Repeat the above......every day.... every State.... every city......
Re: Red Fox

That's why I never listen to Classic Rock stations. I'm more into the modern-alt-progressive-type stations.

I just saw a concert featuring Panic! at the Disco, Franz Ferdinand, Hard-Fi, Dashboard Confessional, etc. Stuff you'd never hear on Dinosaur rock stations.

I already own all those records anyway.
Maybe if it was shoved down everyone's throat 24/7 like NASCAR people would eventual begin to understand it. Maybe it's just that almost everyone drives a car and anyone can drive in a circle so the general population can relate whereas a small percent actually ride or understand the physics involved.
Re: Red Fox

Liberal, conservative, left wing, right wing... ain't a nickel's difference between the two.

Sure there is ... they hate different people. ;)

I'll summarize a writer that I've forgotten:

The far right wants to force you to be white, straight, male, Christian, fiscally and sexually conservative and creationist.

The far left wants to force you to be secular, vegetarian, gender-aware, hairy, fiscally and sexually radical and poor.

The moderate right wants you to be good with our money.

The moderate left wants you to be fair and just.
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Re: Red Fox

Longride is speaking metaphorically. They didn't invent the term, the became emblematic of it and so, in a metaphorical sense, 'reinvented' the word because there were no good liberals for the term to apply to.

Of course, the Ann Coulters, Sean Hannitys, Rupert Murdochs and Rush Limbaughs of the world, spouting their bitter, vile diatribes against liberals 24/7 over the radio, TV and in print had NOTHING to do with how the term became what it is. Nah.
Re: Red Fox

>Of course, the Ann Coulters, Sean Hannitys, >Rupert Murdochs and Rush Limbaughs of the >world, spouting their bitter, vile diatribes against >liberals 24/7 over the radio, TV and in print had >NOTHING to do with how the term became what it >is. Nah.

Bingo. Create a phantom enemy then knock him down. Being that most people are sheep, this kinda thing has worked brilliantly over and over throughout history. Longride is just another one alongfortheride.
Re: Red Fox

He won me over with his pitch for campaign reform a few years back. I haven't been such a fan since, but at least he had a high water point.
Fuggetaboutit! Get an XM or Sirius, and you will never listen to terrestrial stations again.
Re: *Poof!* Career over

Can't help but wonder how many motorcycle fans can't be in those numbers simply because they don't subscribe to Speed.

I don't, I watch the GP races off

Why on earth would I pay so much money for Speed when it's all NASCAR and it would cost me more in a month then does for the year?

The ratings reflect who their subscribers are, and the subscribers reflect the content that they show.. the more they alienate motorcycle racing fans, the fewer fans will pay for the channel, and the more Speed will think it is stupid to carry motorcycle racing.. it's a catch-22, it's like we are supposed to all vote with our money first with no promise they will actually have motorcycle coverage.
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