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...looks like more expensive unfinsihed business from BMW. I don't know if anyone should put up with the reported glitches on a bike that costs that much.

More fodder for buying Japanese. Or Chinese for that matter. Maybe.
Hee hee.... BMWness is most assuredly not for all. Got an 07 R12RT just before Memorial Day. All I can say is "why did I wait so long!" Then I answer myself by saying, "you waited so long for those 'goose stepping morons' to get rid of those stupid power brakes". And I'd be right.

Check back on the K12's in 2 more years. The non-endearing glitches will mostly be gone.

Oh, ESA is wonderful.

And finally, Mr. Moderator - please forgive my 'goose stepping' crack. I finally got around to watching the episode of Penn & Teller's -er- show on Hybrid autos last night. (hint - I pretty much agree with Penn on this one). And I am still laughing! Given MO's annoying new found piety, I suppose I'll just skip the laughs...
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