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2007 Honda CBR600RR Intro Report

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Crank's 2 lbs lighter? Does the bike idle at all?

Maybe soon they'll have counter rotating crankshafts to eliminate all that pesky flywheel effect.
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Remora [Remora remora] (Linnaeus) 1758


The chief distinctions between the remora and the swordfish sucker is that it has a larger number of ridges in its sucking plate on the average (16 to 20, as against 14 to 17), and that there are only 22 to 25 rays in its dorsal fin, whereas the swordfish sucker has 29 to 32. Like the latter, it is a stouter fish than the shark sucker (p. 485), and its ventral fins are similarly attached to the skin of the abdomen along their inner edges.


Uniform brownish, blackish, or sooty, both above and below.


Maximum length about 18 inches.


Very little is known of the life history of the remoras. The young fry of this, and of other species of Remora have been taken in the open Atlantic, usually in June or July which suggests a sharply limited spawning period. A remora may join a shark, or other host, when only about 1½ inches (3 to 4 cm.) long.[26] But we have yet to learn how long or how constantly one may accompany a single shark, or how often it may transfer from one host to another.

General range—

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Don't have those problems up in the mid 40's Lat. Of course you probable don't slip with the bike on the ramp finally bringing it in out of the snow this morning. We do have good sailing though.
Excellent write up Gabe, thanks. Yes it is too bad those racing tires aren't legal and get only 300 miles. In Seattle they would be great. I like Alabama, having been to Huntsville I can testify to what Gabe said i.e . it's under estimated sophistication. Huntsville has lot of Phds in science and engineering running around for obvious reasons i.e. the Marshall Space Flight Center and Redstone Arsenal are located there. I had a offer to move there but my wife, being a Seattle native, would have none of it. I would prefer Alabama over Chicago any day.

It will be interesting to see if the lack of slipper clutch will be seen as big negative in this class.
I agree about the humidity. When I lived in Fla I got used to it though. I actually found that when it was easier to get warmed up for exercise i.e. less muscle pulls.
Slippers are for Cinderella, Foo!

Proper clutch control and rev-matching. If you're man enough for the bike, you don't need no steenkeen slipper-clutch!
They last longer than 300 miles at street riding speeds. I know of folks that use them in Seattle on streetbikes. Illegal, but they work very well on wet roads.

You don't have to tell me they work!

Although they don't grip any better on sand or gravel than street tires. Another thing, when they start going off and losing grip, they don't give you much warning,a nd you are leaned over...don't ask me how I know this...

I can't see how rubber that soft could last longer than 1000 miles, although I did get a LOT of trackdays out of a set of RS125 rains I had mounted on my Derbi Supermoto...that was a lot of fun!

Man, they get smaller and smaller and smaller. Pretty soon, they'll only build bikes for Japanese riders. Too bad us long-legged six-foot-three riders can't contort into the pretzelized riding positions of the current 600 class. It's ridiculous that one must buy a sport-tourer to stretch out a bit, but suffer the heft of these non race replicas. I suppose the litre size bikes are a 130% physical of the 600's, but still smaller than 600's were back in the mid 90's.

But then again, I can't get my foot in places I used to dissapear in when I was little...
That's a trick question isn't it..i.e same diff is the right answer
I have no doubt that anyone at or over 6' will have be cramped on these bikes. However, even though the bikes are physically smaller, it seems the manufacturers have begun to relax the ergos a bit. Everything I've seen about the new CBR and ZX mentions higher bars, better seats and more comfort. So, maybe some steps in the right direction?
Perhaps. They sure are small, though. I guess it's the same deal as sports cars; when you look at them in photos they look long and large, and see them in person and they are tiny. My observation is that manufacturers seem to have too large a gap in the jump from a touring/sport touring 600-650 and the SS 600's. There should be a selection of less-for-the-track and more-for-the-road bikes in the $7-8K range. For instance, take a SV650S and drop in inverted forks, radial mount binders, stylish rear swingarm, and voila....a precision sport tourer for $7,495. Same goes for the litre sized bikes.
Alabama is OK I guess...we can't all be Gators!
Well, the zzr-600 is mechanically identical to a ZX-6r from 2000, and it costs $7200!! How many members could push a 2000 zx-6r to its limit? Maybe one in fifty.
You're Kind of All Over the Place, There...

You say you want another choice of middleweight that is less track-oriented and more street-focused, and then you say it should have expensive stuff on it that offers little practical advantage (to a street-focused rider) over cheaper components. Inverted forks and radial-mount brakes cost more money, and how does adding that stuff make it a better sport-tourer? The guy who wants that stuff is going to want a 110hp motor as well, and will spend the extra $1500 to get it.

The main problem is that Americans want driveway jewlery, not motorcycles, so what they buy fulfils their image-fantasies, whether it's a "Fast and the Furious" super-racer boy or a Village People leather-and-chains cruiser badas$. Standards and sport-tourers are less than 10% of the streetbike market, so go to the back of the bus and enjoy the selection that we do have.

To quote Honda...

Only 5% of CBR riders EVER do a trackday or racing with their bikes.
Re: You're Kind of All Over the Place, There...

You've banned the use of the word bada$$ and then went ahead and used it.

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