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2007 International Motorcycle Show

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2007 International Motorcycle Show

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Do they look better in person than in 2D? I'm not sure I like the Arlenesque over-the-top in-your-face customizations. I prefer the simpler more tasteful work on sportbikes. Less is more.

“Beyond its well-deserved reputation for best-in-class performance, the popularity of the Suzuki Hayabusa can be attributed to the way it has long been embraced by the many facets of popular culture, including fashion, style, music and entertainment,” said Glenn Hansen, communications manager, ASMC, Motorcycle/ATV Division. “Suzuki’s relationship with L-R-G provides us with a not-to-be-missed opportunity to vividly illustrate our iconic sportbike’s storied connection to urban culture.”

Good to see that overblown hype is alive and well. When it comes to sportbikes that iconization idea is actually owned by Ducati which still puts the others to styling shame. Glenn needs to provide us with these supposed "stories" that show us how embedded the Hayabusa is in cultural mystique.
I tend to agree on the appearance of the bikes. I didn't bother reading the story after I saw the photos so I can't really comment on the rest of it.
Judging from the picture the new Mad Max seemed to have a real arse kicker for motor. If I wasn’t a cruiser guy it might tempt me. Ok so it tempts a bit anyway.

But hey, they built the wonderful Royal Star based on the V-Max engine (lame downtuned-for-torq version). So, can we hope for a free revving lusty V4 cruiser, this time with serious power both downstars AND upstairs? Where can I sign?

- cruiz-euro
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