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2007 Kawasaki Z1000

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2007 Kawasaki Z1000

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Yummy liter streeterz

Am I de first poster? L I B!!
I kindof like the Z. The first time it came out, I viewed it in a small dealership in mid-Minesota and it was the bright orange model. It complemented the current (at that time) ZX-6R redesign that I personally think was the sharpest looking 600 supersport of that day, and still think it was and is a benchmark. The ergos may have had their idiosincrasies, but such is any model in development. The Z is a mix on this go-around. I like it just about as much as I don't. The tail section should have stayed nearly the same, or changed to look like an updated current ZZR600. The reason for this is the ability to have a bit of saddle to strap stuff to. I feel like people are going to want to use this model for touring, and there should be no lack of method or equipment to strap down, pile on, or hang over. I am in favor of the new instrument cluster. I am also in favor of a more universal headlight assembly for windshield options. After a couple hundred miles of wind blast and 2 inch longer arms, some are going to explore windshield options. Maybe there will be something aftermarket come out to screw to the current mounts. They have definately gone with the edges-and-creases look. I prefer a bit more functional and smooth lines like the new ZX-6R, for instance.

I do like more torque. Sure it's fun to know that you have loads of horsepower on tap if you should need it, but the other 85% of the time torque is simply more usable and drivable. I like to hustle to 60mph, and not hustle from 70-130 after I took a short nap to get to 65.

The pipes can be tossed in the ditch and easily replaced with something like a set of Microns, or SBKs, or Yoshis.

Keep up the good work, and keep the liter streeters comming.
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