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2007 Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport Introduction Report

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Yes please. I'll have mine in red (look at the guzzi website to see a picture).
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Nice. I still like the Griso though.
sweet bike. was price ever brought up by the PR types? did i miss it in the copy?
It's a Guzzi... it's a monster! Hell, I don't care... it's a sexy beast that looks like pure knee draggin' fun (albeit with a shower of sparks behind you).
Right on, Yossef. Great writeup.

It seems to me, that we are living in the Golden Age of Motorcycling right now - even the "stodgy old Guzzis" have something exciting in the works. Honda is probably the only moto-manufacturer that doesn't really have anything that "catches my eye".

That SUCKS, as I used to be a "Honda Man".
Cool bike but you still can't get parts in the USA without some kind of major voodoo working on your side. Just ask my techs. Everyone loves 'em. Just can't service them.
Oh, my! Hokie Smokes! I love it! But then I'm such a sucker for sweet Guzzis.

I've said these things here before but:

seeing John Wycoff smooth his first gen V-7 Sport thru the old, long gone original ramp from 285 to 400 north years and years ago....and the time I babysat a middle years LeMans for a friend who was doing the Naval Aviator thing in the Persian Gulf for almost a year - with strict instruction to "ride it as much as possible"....and my neighbor & friend up in the Fox 5 monitored N. GA Mts with his late, pre Piaggio era LeMans who has graciously lets me ride it repeatedly (along with his KLR 650)....

Oh, my...everywhere I turn it seems I see a Guzzi. Am I telling myself something?
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When available? For how many Lire? Me Likey.........always have had a soft spot for Guzzis........this looks like the very best they have made.
If they'd put that engine, those pipes, and radial mount front discs on the Griso, I'd be visiting the credit union for a loan tomorrow!

But until then, that is a cool bike. Guzzi is doing some excellent work these days.
Gotta love a bike that has torque characteristics similar to a P-47.
ABC? Does it work?

This bike has ABC but your article mentioned nothing about it. Does it work? How much is this bike going to be? Can we get it here?
Re: ABC? Does it work?

The bike I tested did not have ABS (guess that's what you meant by ABC, right?). An ABS equiped bike will be released pretty soon. Bike will be available in the USA, guess that's what you meant by "here". Regretfuly, US price and shipping schedule were not supplied at the press event. Keep an eye on for updated info

The bike does not appear yet in their lineup.

Re: Cosmopolitan Motors?

...I think they don't order a part until they have an order for a gross dozen of the same part. Cuts down on shipping costs.

"Oh yes, it's on order, we'll give you a call."
I wanted to test ride a Guzzi a couple of years

ago but the dealer said the demo bike was down with transmission problems, and that the parts were "six weeks out". That scared me away.
AirHawk is right - when is Honda going to wake up? I thought this was going to be some kind of 'big year' for them. Oooo, a sorta new CBR. ZZZZzzzzz..... Props to Guzzi for coming up with a great line of bikes with style and class (performance? Well....).

Guess I'll keep polishing my CBX until Honda starts putting caffiene back in their coffee.

Would a new CBX get your attention? It would certainly get mine.
Ditto! I too WAS a Honda man. Their bikes are SOSDD, conservative, expensive and boring! Their cars are moving that way too.
Off the subject, but a very valid point!

Yes, I would buy a new CBX (Along the lines of the 78-79 model) in a heart beat! I am actually considering paying TIMMS $18K for a refurbed one.
Strange days these.

Old dogs learning new tricks?

BMW and Moto Guzzi, two old marques with proud racing heritages that I never considered owning. First BMW and now Moto Guzzi cause me to reconsider.

These companies have actually tried to give customers what they want! Or say they want anyways.

You'd see these bikes around, sometimes with the Beemer, rarely with the Guzzi, solid, different.

I remember a Moto Guzzi racing, it was (I think) an 850 LeMans at Daytona... while ago. Guy was riding the wheels off it for a top 5 finish. He was dicing with a Yoshimura Suzuki GS1000 ridden by Roberto Pietre (sp) a Good Rider. Guess what happened when they hit the oval? ZZZEEEEYYAAAAWWWW!!! 30+ MPH closure and passing speeds on the straights of course! This guy digging like a madman in the infield to catch and re-gap the Suzuki, lap after lap, by enough to take the position at the flag, as I recall, one of the most inspired rides I've ever seen. I started to follow this no name "Guzzi" Rider and thought he'd do well, Freddie Spencer did.

Guess I'm saying, yeah, I know Moto Guzzi had it's glories but I don't "remember" them. That doesn't matter as much as it used to.

Yossef took me on an exotic and fun European bike for a day trip in Italy, nice ride! Thanks.

Now I want a Red one, great. That makes the 100th bike I really want! jeez... So many killer bikes these days, that's a good thing, kinda.

Moto Guzzi (and BMW) seem to be moving toward me but in truth I'm meeting them close to halfway. Makes me wonder which old dog is learning new tricks?

Strange days indeed.
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Funny, I always knew that freddie had raced early on a bevel head ducati, didnt remeber the guzzi thing. was it a reno leoni bike?

past glories they have a plenty. beating england's best in the IOM TT in 1935 to countless world championships till 57' when they quitted GP's

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