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2007 Suzuki Burgman 400 Introduction Report

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Skooters are kool.
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The 650 Burgman is still the ultimate however...
And when Honda introduces their DN-01 into the states, it may very well re-define what Scooters are considered, and blur the line between Motorcycles and Scooters! I hope they do it soon!
I've got one word for you Benjamin: Big scooters.
Excellent Review... GPTB this is the future get used to it.. Gas prices are only down till election is over. I saw another scooter today. Using one in the HOV lane would of saved me 70% of my 2.5 hour commuting time today. A couple accidents on 405, more rain and a Microsoft presentation at the convention center screwded the system up today.
If you already own a motorcycle, why weren't you riding it?

Even with a scooter's admirable qualities and handling comparable to a cruiser, I'd miss having the control of a manual transmission on twisty roads.

Automatics are no fun in the twisties without shift paddles.
A few thoughts:

My previous ride was the inimitable Honda PC800. One day I was in the parking lot at a hardware store and an old fart (much older than my early fifties) asks me "Would that be considered a scooter?" I was insulted.

Which brings me to a thought: Can't there be a market for an updated version of the Honda Pacific Coast? I could ride comfortably on it considering my 6'1" frame and sold it to a woman who wanted it as it accommodated her 5'4 height very well.

Consider: My FF helmet fit in one side compartment while I be in the grocery store. Take out my helmet and presto! the two side compartment could hold two full bags of groceries or one bag and a 12-pack.

Scooters are actually quite cool in my book. But, I would like to see The MC makers scooterize a solid motorcycle while they are muscling up the scooters.

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But in the BIG city they are the schiznit.
I think you're making a HUGE assumption there.
"My previous ride was the inimitable Honda PC800."

OUCH! That had to hurt!

"Which brings me to a thought: Can't there be a market for an updated version of the Honda Pacific Coast?

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"Excellent Review... GPTB this is the future get used to it.. "

And here I sit thinking biodiesel was the future. Damn, I was wrong again. If only I could be as smart as you......or change my mind as much as you.
Burgmenners, Silverwingers and Scarabisti? What about Vesposi?
Both maybe... :) Good point though. I bet you that gas will be $3.50 next summer. It will be back over $3.00 by January.
Good point. My wife worries when I ride it to work and it messes up my business causal clothes. :)

Stain-resistant Dockers are made for dorky computer geeks.
The Vesposi have wussi engines. Superscoots are the way to go in the USA

And gas was supposed to remain above $3 forever... remember?

Oh yeah... the incredibly stupid Bush is also a mastermind who can control worldwide gas prices to fix the election. The TRUTH is here!

How can anyone hold so many contradictory thoughts in his head at once?
Or you can throw the food away and carry two 12 packs!

Or one twelve pack and 2 half-gallon bottles of Ripple!
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