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2007 Suzuki Burgman 400 Introduction Report

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Skooters are kool.
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What, no video? It is the only thing that would have the review even more exciting. How about reviewing the Segway next? Just kidding, in case you couldn't tell.
I was thinking about it and I remembered something. MO does have scooter video- it is here -

Seems to me MO got in a little hot water with one of the manufacturers for crashing their scooter. Why MO did it was understandable to me. The only way to make scooters interesting is to abuse the heck out of them. Bring it on! Scooter demolition derby! Scooter figure 8 racing! Scooter jousting!

Just kidding again.
I'll make another comment about scooters and MO to explain my point of view, then I'll shut up about it. I don't think it is so much about snobbery about scooters, although I do think scooters are just dumbed down motorcycles, basically a transportation appliance.

I see MO as an enthusiasts' website. I can't complain about an occasional scooter review, but the editor says a lot more scooter content is coming. To me, it is like a website dedicated to high performance cars suddenly deciding to do a bunch of stories on mini-vans because somebody notices a lot of them are being sold.

I know decisions about what stories to run are business decisions. I know MO's time and resources are limited, so the more space spent on scooter stuff means less on other motorcycle content. I see, based on the responses, there are 4 or 5 people interested in more scooter content. I look at people putting around on scooters, and I wonder how much they spend on website or magazine subscriptions. Just because a lot of scooters are being sold doesn't necessarily mean there are a lot of people reading about them. A lot of microwave ovens are sold, too, but even Consumer Reports only writes about them every couple of years or so.

Anyway, I am not too worried about it. I just resubscribed for another year today. I hope you take the feedback in the spirit intended.
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People will hop up anything, an activity I find admirable. But in a way, you've kind of proved my point. In order to make your scooter interesting, you had to mod it. I wasn't kidding too much in my other post about abusing them. Whenever I've ridden a scooter, I've get the irresistible urge to wring its neck. Otherwise, its a snooze. Even then, the limitations of the thing make it get old pretty quickly.

Anyway, hotrodded scooters ain't what MO's articles have been about. They are about stock commuter scooters.
Thanks, Sliphorn, I see your point, too. I'd like to see that hotrod scooter.
Re: All This Scooter Stuff is Weird, says Gabe...

Thanks, Gabe, for the response. You know your audience better than I do, so I'll quit my sniveling. I see there is a fair amount of interest in scooters here, and my carping about it was bad manners. My apologies.

Re: All This Scooter Stuff is Weird, says Gabe...

Doubt it. A scooter couldn't negotiate the potholes.
Don't the big scooters negate the supposed benefits of scooters over similar sized motorcycles (light and economical)? From Suzuki's site -

Weight Burgman - 518 lbs/235 kg

SV650 - 363 lbs/165 kg

Price Burgman $7799

SV650 - $5949

Width Burgman 31.9"/810 mm

SV650 29.3"/745 mm

I know they lie about the weights, but for the sake of argument, let's assume they lie about the scooter as much as they lie about the bike.

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