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2007 Suzuki Burgman 400 Introduction Report

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Skooters are kool.
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Well, I'm not ready to pull out the Buco lid and London Fog Jacket (ye olde english intitials in white over navy blue field- 'natch!) just yet, but.....

The stats near the ft of the article tickled what lately passes for my brain. Could those buyer profiles be the answer to the question I was not asking? That question being the automated clutch FJR13?

One of the print mags - I forget which - in a now rapidly dimming past, occasionally had comments from an industry analyst (Don Brown??). Here you go, Dr. Staff...hows about a nice, short article where someone who is in the know about coming big picture changes is interviewed. I'd prefer an analyst not in direct employ of any mfg. What are the trends, demographics, changes, etc?

1 - 1 of 98 Posts
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