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2007 Suzuki Burgman 400 Introduction Report

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Skooters are kool.
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Interesting Mag

The first thing these designs give away for better mileage is driver protection in a crash. The extra metal becomes a fatal straight jacket.
Average price of regular accross the U.S. In Kalifornia it will be next to $ least.. Remember W has 2 more years to screw more things up.. Scooters are cool. Does Kawasaki make them? When do we get to see the new ZX-6R? MCNews in England has more computer generated pictures of it? No office "Racer Boy" but Tell Kawasaki to keep making bikes without the racer boy graphics i.e solid colors are good, curves are good, sharp angles are bad, R6 back ends are bad.
Displacement ain't everything...

Just like motorcycles, a 400cc motor might make more power than a 500cc motor. Compare an EX500 to an 883 Sportster.

We weren't able to test an Xciting this year, but next year we will want to do a big scoot shootout to compare all the bikes in what is becoming a pretty big market segment.

Re: Interesting Mag

And you ride a motorcycle????????
i think PC800s came with a free coupon for stain resistant Dockers.
Jeez, Kook, I've never said that deficits don't matter or that Saddam caused 9-11. You've never really understood anything anyone tries to tell you. You keep dubbing in all sorts of things no one ever says. You really need some sort of help.

At least that's what everyone at the 7-11 you work at says.
I was thinking about it and I remembered something. MO does have scooter video- it is here -

Seems to me MO got in a little hot water with one of the manufacturers for crashing their scooter. Why MO did it was understandable to me. The only way to make scooters interesting is to abuse the heck out of them. Bring it on! Scooter demolition derby! Scooter figure 8 racing! Scooter jousting!

Just kidding again.
LOL good one.. At least your remarks are humorous
Great reporting! Hope you guys do more on the "maxi-scooters."

Can't wait for the Honda E4-01 (903cc)!!!!!
Re: Old scooters never die they just

cool link thanks..
Hey JB did you see this.. amazing study stresses the fact that we need to ride safe.

U.S. Health-Care System Gets a "D

The GPTB says we have the best system in the world. What gives? I wonder how the U.S system does in treating Motorcycle Trauma victims vs. the U.K or vs Canada.
You're totally crackers.
Right, I see your point. Just thinking if gas is the issue and not a lot of cash then a few things out there can be better to allow more than just being a commuter.
Guys please, no more scooter coming out of the closet it may feel good to ride one but in the end your still gay.
Wow! First the Vespa article and now the Suzuk Scoot. If it's got two wheels and an engine, isn't it basically a bike in a tub, but still a bike? Up here in , the, um, sticks, I'm seeing more and more scooters, and they ain't being ridden slow on the backroads. One thing...what's the deal with scooters and the mention of men's purses?

Any news about the long rumored Turbo Segway?
my spin on the honda pacific coast.

wrong bike at the wrong time.

JUSSSSSST as the Pacific coast was starting to catch on, the cruiser resurgance happened. Instantly everybody wanted cruisers.

Even weirder - people want to watch guys in wife beater t-shirts putting cruisers together and yelling at each other the whole time they are wrenching.
Boy, this turned into a funny, funny thread. There are a couple of guys around town wearing full leathers on Aprilia scooters. I laughed at first until I thought they are more than likely beating the tar out of those things around town.
Re: Displacement ain't everything...

Uh, yes Gabe. I know. I've ridden both the Suzi 400 and the Kymco 500 and they are close, but I prefer the big Kym.
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