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2007 V-Twin Expo

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I thought the V-Twin was Dead?
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........Sorry, just couldn't resist!
The inflatable vest is a hoot.

Seems like they might as well be selling screen doors for submarines.

How many cruiser guys are going to wear one of those?

I can just see it. Guy walks into a bar and says, "Hey, what does this button do?"

I can't wait to see the inflatable pants.
OK, that homepage pic is better than a kitten. Thanks.
Any chance of contacting the young lady in pic #9 for a demo ride?
Wow. Only 10 lbs. of boost (and probably 5 grand) to get 12hp less than my SV put out stock. What will they think of next?
Is there a way I can keep my "threshold" set to -1? I like reading your posts;-)
Nice eyes!

No doubt! Man, she has beautiful... uhh... eyes! Yeah, that's the ticket!
Re: Nice eyes!

I even like her name, Raw Design. Looks finished to me.
More babes and bobbers less choppers please. Nice job longride.
Go to "Your Account", then "Comments Setup". Click the appropriate dropdown.
I hope those Confederates go like Hot Stink, 'cause Dey Ugly! They look like collections of spare parts.

Nice Job, LR!
There ya go.. a VRod dresser. Nice.
Re: Nice eyes!

I'm partial to #67 personally. I like the natural hardbody look.
V-twin expo is missing a lot of good brands.... where's Ducati, or Aprilia?
Re: The inflatable vest is a hoot.

I think if you add some inflatable conchos and inflatable fringe you got a winner there.
1 - 20 of 69 Posts
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