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2007 V-Twin Expo

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I thought the V-Twin was Dead?
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Re: Nice eyes!

I dunked on her. She was asking for it.
Re: Nice eyes!

Did you give her the flying elbow as you finished your jump shot? You know, just trying to create some space?
Must Have accessory for 2 up riding...

Were these people there??

interesting gallery of "satisfied" customers...

Even ancient Concoursii make 100hp at the wheel.
So, what's the over/under on the market falling out from under the boutique chopper makers?

2 years?

I believe the window is closing fast for lots of those guys.


Oooohhh!!! Flames, hot chicks, Harley!

I've never seen that before!

To each there own, I guess?
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Yeah, to each THEIR own too.
They should sell the chrome plating tanks and invest in real estate.
I'd say wait a few months on that so you can time it with foreclosures peaking.

There are a lot of folk with bad mortgages out there and it's gonna get messy.

What are the odds on KSquid having one of those interest only variable rate mortgages?

......on the Dinette Set and Daughter's iPod.......
Ha! The congress is already talking about bailing out the shyster crooked mortgage companies and the idiots who bought these ridiculous under prime ARMs and such.

Makes you feel good about being a responsible person who pays his own way, don't it? All hail Karl Marx.
It was like pulling teeth to get the mortgage the way we wanted it. They really push the ARMs to the point that they try to sell you only those.

I say let 'em burn and anyone looking for a short cut that took the ARMs should have known better.

It's like all those idiots during the Dot Com boom that decided that business plans were no longer needed and everyone just went after the venture capital and tried to go public. Every investor followed blindly without doing any homework and than cried foul when the floor fell out from under them.

Unfortunately it affected a lot of other people than just the idiots and this time will be no different.

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But... but... it's all the fault of those predatory lenders.

They swooped down on those poor innocents who thought $600 a month for a $250,000 mortgage made perfect sense.

Those bastards!

Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, Predatory Lenders, Fast Food Nation... it's tough out there for the little guy. Good thing we've got Fluffy Cuddly Law Firms to protect us!
Yeah, but it doesn't work for me... it's random.
Maybe that's why he's been so quiet - he's on the porch with Pappy's shotgun, barricaded behind the dinette set, holdin' off them damn greedy bankers from takin' his land...
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